My video card drivers wont install but i can turn my computer on why is that?

Hello, recently my computer froze an when i went to reboot it, it kept looping to boot up! so i decided to reboot it fresh an when i went to install all da drivers for the comp it was fine till i got to the vid card it rebooted the computer an did what it was doing to begin with! my computer is 3 or 4 years old could the vid card be no good? it has worked well over the years never really had a problem like this! i have a asus m2n32-sli deluxe mobo an nvidia geforce 7600 gs vid card
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  1. Have you tried installing the newest drivers from nvidias website.
  2. Possibly drivers or possibly not enough PSU power. If it only started rebooting after getting the video card - and I mean within days of installing it - I'd have to say probably not enough PSU. If it's worked fine for a while but now it's crashing then probably drivers. So in that case, run Driver Sweeper and delete all the ATI stuff, then run CCleaner to clean the registry, then reboot and fresh install the latest drivers.
  3. rollie59 - yea i installed the latest drivers an still does it : /

    wolfram23 - i dont think its the psu ive had this mobo an vid card for few years now. but i will try what u said an see what happens.

    also i forgot to mention when i go into bios or when the comp is loading the images wording are a lil distorted like odd colors on words, an the bios isnt clear. ill try to link some pics n a lil bit to show what im talking about but thanks u 2 so far for ur responses :)
  4. It can be that your card is failing. Have you cleaned the heat sink and fan on it?
  5. Ohh so it's old... Ok well then rolli59 might be right. I had an 8600GT in my old PC and while playing Dirt one day it froze up on me. After that the video never worked properly again always distorted or lots of lines through it. So I took the card out and opened it up, and there was quite a bit of dust blocking the heat sinks so basically I just fried the GPU... so yeah, you should look into that maybe there's dust and it overheats... maybe it's dead now... or not... I hope not for your sake :)
  6. no i have not! it didnt come to my mind to check that :P i assume if i fried the vid card i wouldnt b able to get on my comp which i am :P lol so their may be hope :) but again thank u guys for responding an taking ur time in helping me out i appreciate it alot! i will return n let u guys know what i find out n a lil thanks again!
  7. sure..
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