Help with cloning hdd windows 7???

hi i want to change the hard drive my pc boots from and aparently cloning will work?
can anyone please verify this and can someone give me a walk through guide of how to do it???
as im not so good with software related issues.

any help would be much appreciated
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  1. Hi Sirius,

    There are several different ways to clone a smaller bootable HDD to a new one.

    You need the Old HDD, a copy of cloning software, and a New HDD the same size or larger.
    Do you have a separate computer you could attach both the old and new HDD to carry out the process? That's the easiest.

    Then it's just a matter of following the clone software, step by step. When done, put the New HDD in place of the smaller one and you're done.

    If you purchased a new WD or Seagate, etc. most all have "cloning" applets you download from their website to use. For example WD's is called
    Acronis TI Western Dig Edition, for cloning.

    Here is the URL of the EaseUS Partition Master free edition which works great. Might download it and read over the good step by step instructions.

    There are commercially available products that are also great, like Acronis True Image.

    Or, you could place the New HDD in place of the older one, connect the Old one by a SATA connector or even USB external adapter, and use a Linux OS based free Cloning program you load by DVD, called Parted-Magic. It more cryptic, but you can use both drives without booting up to Windows, and when done, it is ready to use.
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