Added New Cooler, Now PC is Hanging one minute in...

added a mugen 2 to my 780i mobo today...

Title says it all, the pc will boot and say that it recognizes the cpu, says it's all ok, can get all the way to the login screen then it hangs and shuts off after about ten seconds.

Planning on taking it out of my case and testing it on a box to try and troubleshoot the problem, does anybody have any tips?

Oh, and it never hangs at the same place twice, it'll hang, then i'll reboot and it'll ask me what mode to start it in, as it didn't shut down properly.

gah! halp! :o
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  1. I'll try that, the only thing would be the cooler isn't 100% on, although I was cautious not to tighten it too much...

    Any other suggestions anyone?
  2. Well, when you take it apart again, check and see if the thermal paste spread evenly (enough pressure) and when you reapply it, don't use too much (grain of rice sized).

    Also check that the fan is spinning and all.

    Can you get into the BIOS? You could check the temperatures in there.

    The cooler was the only thing you changed, correct?
  3. I'm pretty sure it's spread evenly, and yes it was around a grain of rice. When I redo it should I do a thin coating on both the cpu and the cooler?

    The fan does spin, and moves a fair amount of air at that. Default bios settings have it on quite a high fan speed. I haven't looked for cpu temps in the Bios yet, but again, when i get into Bios and it hangs fairly soon afterwards. (30 seconds or so)

    And yes, the cooler was all that I changed, but not all that I plan on changing. I have 3 new drives and a raid card ready to go in later, but i'm installing windows 7 on the ssd and then later raiding the two wd greens. Should I hold off on this until I get it booting on what I have now, or would trying out new HDD's hurt?
  4. If you are sure you installed the fan correctly, then it may be defective. It sounds like you computer isn't pleased with the current fan for some reason or another and is shutting off automatically.
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