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Hey folks so my rig fried the other day and I was forced to buy something to string me along until I can fix my baby. That something is an old HP Pavillion a805n, not the newest thing in the world but thats where my question comes in as I am trying to liven it up enough to atleast make it tolerable. It has the asus goldfish-2 (PTGD1-LA) motherboard in it and runs a 775 based P4 515 (2.93Ghz) What I want to do is upgrade the CPU to an HT version (preferably a 630 or better) Now the only documentation I can find as far as CPU support says this board supports P4's up to 3.8Ghz and supports Hyper Threading. Now where my concern comes in is the document doesn't specify which HT chips I can use and there is no (enable hyper threading, or likewise) option in the bios which is something I remember to be fairly common in this era of tech. If anyone has any specific knowledge of this board or situation in general any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. Sorry but you will need to forget the CPU upgrade; you would need a BIOS update to make it happen and there are none.
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    Well if you can find a 630 cheap...there are other PTGD1-LA with different code names using them...
    So for the fun of it I would try one and see if it does...the old prcessor run on a 533 fsb and the new 630 runs on an 800 fsb....
    Your bios options might change a bit with the added features available with the new, definitly go into bios first and check it out...if it boots that far...
    I personally would try it once and if I get to bios then I would try the full boot....
    the bottom line will start or it won't...if it doesn't put back the old cpu and call it a day!....JQ
  3. So I picked up the P4 540-J (3.2Ghz/1MB/800Mhz) and I dropped it rite in and everything booted perfect, no bios tweaking or updating required. Thanks for the input guys.
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  5. Guess you didn't need the 630 after all :)
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