Ati Radeon Hd 4350 Broken Fan

hahaha hello my friends this is not a thread on what to do i just wanted to tell you the way the fan broke like whats broken on it i have no clue how to broke i think it was already broken when i got it but i dunno anyways i got this about 3 weeks ago after about 1 week (week 2) i finnally got everything perfected and cataylist and all my games on (meaning i had not played any games for the whole week) so i trying playin team fortress 2 it worked somewhat and then i was playing and then BAM my computer shuts off im like wtf??? so i turn it on instantaly and nothing happened it said ACER with big white background saying F12 or Delete for bios and how to boot and then went blank i turned off for an hour or so and tried and tried and play games but it kept doing the same thing so i gave up (week 3) i found out it was overheating AMD overdrive had the temp of it and it said 110!!!! so im like HOLY SH*T so i turned it off imdeatly i though it was my power supply becuase i thought maybe the fan wasnt working, so the rest of the week i filded with the power supply even voided my warrenty (opened it) to try and fix it today i open my computer while it was on i was lookin at all my fans (cpu fan, graphics card fan and power supply fan) and noticed the graphics card fan wanst spinning or so how it looked i then tried lifting the computer so it was on an angle to see better yes it wasnt moveing so i turned it off let it cool down and took it out i looked at the fan and found one of the fan blades was broken off (little blade part still remaining) and tried turning it maually and noticed it got caught on this plastic thing (same plastic and colour as the blades but was like glued (maybe) to the bottom and went up the side and onto the top of the metal casing of the fan. so then i was like wow FUTURESHOP SOLD ME A DEFECTIVE/BROKEN GRAPHICS CARD i was angry for 3 weeks of not being abled to game so tomorrow im going to bring it back and either get same card and not broken or ask for the ati radeon hd 4550 and be like i had to deal with this for 3 weeks i desvere the ati radeon hd 4550

Well thats my story and You futureshop, nah just kidding but this one better not be broken and im inspecting it before i put it in

(this was my first video card so i know i learn from mistakes always inspect it first haha and oh yea more backup if you think i did break it uhh the blade is not in my computer i did a hole sweep of my system and their was no remaining blade anywhere so it couldn't of been me buh bye now hahaha)
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  1. Yes your good at estimating yes it was 90 haha and i know but im not aloud to buy online yet, and i know its not futureshops fault it just kinda pisses me off so i need something to blame : P
  2. +1 Timop
    buy your gear anywhere else but Futureshop
    they want $100 for a 4550 that is available online for $40 just about anywhere
    What Province are you from?
    Here's a link that list walk-in stores for Canada
  3. yes i know but no other stores that are good are around me the closest would i guess be kingston or ottawa? i wish i still lived in hamilton haha but yea i know problably after this video card i will buy from newegg? one question though does newegg have free shippin to canada>?
  4. okay thanks
  5. To avoid the HST you could order from NCIX but hurry cuz they will have it very soon in B.C. as well.
    You could also try this link which is Canada Computer's Quebec outlet no provincial sales tax muhahaha!
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