Why my PC is so slow to start up

I want to know why my PC startup is so slow.It takes approximately 15 or 20 secs to start. But after all my programs work well.Can u help me with my problem my spec is:

-i7 960 3.2ghz
-12gbddr3 ram pc 12800
-OCZ Vertex 2
-Ati Radeon Hd 5850
-GA-X58a UD3R

I used to have a GA-X58 USB3 but it got rapped by Stormray when i was using it before all that stormray stuff, my pc didnt even take 2 sec to start up it was like "Instantly" also the windows im using is xDark Deluxe 4.3
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  1. Hello... look in your Bios and determine what mode the SSD is communicating in... May have to change the Mode to something else... per MFG'r recomendations.
  2. Cna you give me more details? i really need to get this fix, its just START UP because when it load, the Computer Run very Smoothly
  3. Anyone?? no help ?
  4. How long does it take from when Windows starts loading to when you get into Windows? I think the problem is just a lot of things going on before the OS loads.
  5. Hi. Download the free version of winpatrol. http://www.winpatrol.com/ It will tell you what programs and services startup when you turn on your machine.. Turn off the ones you dont want to load automatically
  6. or you could just mess about in MSconfig... without downloading anything.... type it in the search bar :D

    aaanywho, how long does it take to load AFTER the bios gets done doing its thing (after you hear the beep)
  7. Wow, not even 2 seconds.. Im impressed.
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