Replacement card that is > two 8800 GTS G80 in SLI

So I am looking into replacing my current Evga 8800GTS 640mb G80 with a new card.

I made a similar post a month or so back but the situation has changed. I originally was considering getting a replacement card or another 8800 to sli with.

I now have two jobs so money is now flowing in my direction. And after doing some thinking, I figure it makes the most sense for me to get a new card as my brother has the same Evga card as I do. We will kill two birds with one stone I guess you could say. Me buying a new card will give both of us a performace boost as he will get my old card to go SLI with.

My main concern is getting a single card that will outperform the two cards in SLI. I dont want to get a card that will equal the two or be slightly better. I want this purchase to be worth it so I am not wasteing my money and essentially paying to upgrade his computer.

I do not care whether its and ATI or Nividia card. So my question is... What single card will outperform 2x8800GTS 640mb in SLI?

My current specs..
E6600 OC'd to 2.7ghz
P5N32E-SLI Plus 650i motherboard
2x1gb SuperTalent DDR2 ram
2x320GB harddrives in raid 0
Thermaltake Toughpower 700w PSU
Evga 8800GTS 640
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  1. I dont currently have two in SLI. I own one and my brother owns the other. I planned to sell him mine so he could go SLI and then I would buy a new single card that is better than the two in SLI.
  2. I have to be in that range to be faster?


    I was hoping to keep my budget around 200-240 tops.
  3. HD5770, HD4870, HD4890, GTX260 and GTX275 even maybe HD5830 (trades blows with4890) are all in a performance class with 2 x 8800GTS 640mb in SLI. Some are better than others but no big gaps in performance.
    A single faster card I would recommend is HD5850 but then again this HD5830 would be the faster end of the group above and the price is finally on the right track at $199 after MIR
  4. So a 5850 would be my best best? I probably could push my budget. Like I said, if I am giving my brother my old card, I want my computer to be better as he is getting a free upgrade.

    Any 5850's that would be recommended?
  5. This is recommended for its overclock potential and cooling solution
    And then there is always XFX and their warranty
  6. The MSI reviws arent that good. :/

    They mention issues with overclocking. Is there really much of a benefit with their cooling solution over say the XFX cards?

    Airflow is definitely not a problem with my case.
  7. Always take newegg reviews with a grain of salt, people that are unhappy with products are more likely to complain.
    The XFX card I linked to will work great in a well ventilated case and if you qualify for the dual lifetime warranty it is hard to pass it by.
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    Yeah, the MSI Twin FROZR has known issues with increasing voltage, the main feature with these cards. I'm not sure if it has been fixed yet or not.

    Get this:

    Great cooler like the TWIN FROZR and is guaranteed to over-volt. The newegg reviews are using an old version of smart doctor, and you can use OCC to increase clocks anyway, which can be more stable.

    That XFX card is non-reference so you will never be able to change the voltage.
  9. Ive never heard of a reference/non reference card before. Im a little out of the loop when it comes to current hardware.

    That asus looks pretty good.
  10. Reference means that the card is exactly to ATI's or nVidia's specifications, and in the 5850/5870's case, this means it can be overvolted with BIOS flashing or MSI afterburn. Non-reference cards need special software to allow it from the manufacturers, and only MSI and Asus provide that.
  11. Ohh okay. Got it..

    So one more question. Do you think prices will drop at all soon?

    Im looking to buy now as I have the money so I figure I may as well. But if prices will randomly drop in a week or so ill wait.

    My plan is to get the asus you recommended and then also buy the arctic cooling freezer cpu cooler to push my core 2 further.
  12. There is no reason for the prices to drop for a good long time, the next wave of cards aren't to be out for a good 6 months or more.

    This is a much better cooler for the price:

    Its a re-branded version of mine and is still one of the top performing heatsinks out there.
  13. Yeah, haha Im not waiting that long.

    Kingwin huh? What is it a rebrand of? Also, does it just snap in? The reason I was looking into the AC was because it used the push pins. I dont want to take out my motherboard for a heatsink install. Too much hassle with my case.
  14. Ahhh I fell so terrible for spending the money.

    But I bit the bullet and I should soon be the owner of a 5850 and the kingwin cooler. :)

    I added thermalpaste to my cart as well.

    Total came out to $394 plus tax/shipping.

    Im kinda worried though because the 5850 now says autonotify. Im hoping I was the last one who purchased it to make it change to autonotify.
  15. The Kingwin is a rebranded Xigmatek HDT-s1284, they are slightly different but only slightly. Also, the Kingwin uses push pins.
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