Should I wait for Sandy Bridge?

Thinking of building myself a new gaming machine with an i7 930/950 but I feel skeptical since Sandy Bridge is going to come out very soon. I believe SB is coming out before 2011 hits, if I'm wrong, let me know!

So the question is, if I'm not in a hurry in getting a new, better, upgraded gaming machine, should I ditch the i7 930/950 and wait for SB?

I believe SB will also be using new Motherboards since 1155 is replacing 1156 and 2011 is replacing 1366. Do you guys know when the new motherboards will be released?

Last but not least, what do you guys think the price range would be for Sandy Bridge?
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  1. Its very unlikely that SB will be better than an i7 950 as its meant for the more mainstream boards and to replace stuff like the i3's and i5's not the higher level LGA 1366 i7s, they wont be phased out until socket 2011 comes out.
  2. ^ Performance wise, probably true. HOWEVER why spend on a platform reaching EOL soon? Intel has said that LGA1366 (Core i7s; not the Xeons) will only get die shrinks.
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