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Long time reader, first time poster. My current machine has become just a little dated and I'd really appreciate some feedback on my proposed build.

I'll be recycling current HDD's, mouse, keyboard and monitor from my current system - just in need of some advice on a new CPU/Mobo/GFX Card(s)/RAM.

Currently looking at the following, links to hardware provided.

- Intel Core i7 930

- 2 x XFX Black Edition 5850's

Heard great things about the Sapphire Vapor-X version - though it doesnt appear to be an easy card to get hold of - is it worth waiting for? I assume the performance diff between 1GB/2GB models is negligible?

Would dual 5870's be worth the extra cash?

- 6GB Corsair Dominator @ 7/7/7/20

Do I go 12GB? Is this likely to do the rest of the machine justice?

- MSI BigBang Mobo

Bit of a stab in the dark with the above, I'm largely going off of reviews on this one - though i've had a bad history with ASUS boards so tend to steer clear.

Currently running with a 600w Seasonic PSU - I guess this will also need upgrading to provide enough juice for the CF setup?

The main thing I want to avoid is any sort of bottlenecking, I'd also like this to be capable of playing just about anything thrown at it over the next 3+ years. In short, in needs to be like s**t off a shiny shovel...

Budget is ideally £1200 - though this could be pushed to £1500
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  1. I wouldn't start with dual anything. Switch the GPUs to the HD 5970. It's the same as CF 5850s at stock, technically CF 5870s, but leaves an upgrade path open.

    The actual version of the cards don't really matter too much. Vapor-X isn't that special, nor are the 2 GB models.

    On the RAM, you definitely don't need 12 GB of RAM unless you're doing a lot of heavy encoding or rendering.

    That board isn't advisable. Grab a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R for a cheap(ish) board that's loaded with features and is very high quality.

    You'll definitely need a bigger PSU. Grab a 750W unit for dual 5850/5870s or an 850W unit for the possiblity of adding a second 5970 in the future.
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