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I built a new computer last week with the AMD X4 Phenom II 965 BE, a MSI NF980-G65 mainboard, and utilized my existing Nvidia 275GTX graphics card.

I just got around to noticing that in the bios is an option for hybrid SLI and I'm wondering if it will work with my 275GTX.

As I understand this mainboard it can do tri-sli. I've done SLI with my old video cards which I still have and wondering if they can all be hooked up together, that would be...

Two Nvidia 8800GTS graphics cards and the One Nvidia 275GTX and if it could if it would boost the performance any at all anyway.


Windows 7 64bit 4GB RAM.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    First of all about SLI,the cards have to be exactly the same,so you can't Tr-way SLI 2 8800GTS with a GTX 275,however you can use 2 8800GTS in SLI and use the GTX 275 as a PhysX card or use the GTX 275 as your main card and "ONE" of the 8800GTS's as a Physx Card.
    As for Hybrid SLI,it won't give you a noticeable boost in performance but you can use the on-board GPU with one of your cards in Hybrid SLI mode,but its a waste for gaming.
    More about SLI/CF
  2. I don't think you can hybrid SLI onboard with an 8800GTS/GTX275. It only works with low end GPUs unless they have changed it.
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    I did a search and here are the results:
    "nV News: What hardware components does HybridPower currently support?

    Tom: Our GeForce 8200 and soon to be released nForce 780a and 750a motherboards support Hybrid SLI. These are AMD platforms. Motherboards for Intel CPUs are coming this Summer. The recently released GeForce 9800 GTX and 9800 GX2 graphics cards support full Hybrid SLI. Older 8400GS graphics cards will work in GeForce Boost mode."
    "The GeForce GTX 260 (65 nm) and the GeForce GTX 280 are able to do it, the GeForce GTX 260 (55 nm), GeForce GTX 285 and the GeForce GTX 295 are not able to do it any more: The speech is from Hybrid SLI. We have gone out from the same state in our Launch Review of the GeForce GTX 275 (/artikel/hardware/grafikkarten/2009/test_ati_radeon_hd_4890_nvidia_geforce_gtx_275/) also from the newest Nvidia sprig. more... (/news/hardware/grafikkarten/nvidia/2009/april/geforce_gtx_275_hybrid sli/) "
    "For Hybrid Power
    9800GT (up to the sub-vendor to implement it)
    GTX260 216 core
    So i think the OP can't use either GTX 275/8800GTS in Hybrid SLI
  4. Perhaps I'm thinking of Geforce boost then? Whats the term for "SLIing" a low end onboard with a card? I thought that was Hybrid SLI but perhaps not.
  5. Would then the two 8800GTS cards hooked up in SLI out perform the single 275GTX? (edit: If I understood some of the reading material that the user provided me above in this post, I would benefit from using the two 8800 GTS video cards in those games that make use of dual GPU, but would make out better with the 275GTX in those games that only make use of one GPU) I really hate just throwing away the 8800 video cards and in essence having them sit around in a box in the garage is just like throwing them away, on the other hand the 275GTX was expensive and I'm not sure that I'm willing to buy another one as I never did notice any great performance or quality boost when Iw as running the 8800's in SLI anyway.

    I'm not sure what I've got turned on now, and if it's doing anything other than maybe just waisting electrics, as I've got the 275GTX in my first Pci-e slot and I turned on the onboard graphics card in hybrid sli mode.

    Assuming for a moment (regardless if it's true or not) that the two 8800GTS cards hooked up in SLI mode outperform the one solo 275.

    Let's say that I place the two 8800gts cards in the first and second PCI-e slots and place the SLI bandaid across the top of them to make them SLI.

    If I then place the 275GTX card in the third PCI-e slot, will it automatically use the 275 for physX? Or will I need to configure the system to explicitly tell it that the 275 should be used for the PhysX duties?

    Thank you,
  6. Which 8800GTS do you have ? the older 320MB/640MB models or the G92 512MB one ?
  7. The older 320MB versions, one OC from BFG and the other one non OC from eVga
  8. Then no, they don't equal or pass the GTX275. If they were the G92/512MB cards they would be close to equal, I don't think they would be faster. The GTX275 is faster then the 9800GX2 right?
  9. 1 GTX 275 would be better then,also 320MB is low for almost all new games
  10. Ok, thank you for the information. I'll reset the hybrid SLI back to off since it shouldn't be doing anything other than using more electrics I would imagine right now and see if I can find a needy family or two that might need a new video card to give them my 8800's since they are not going to do me any good in my computer nor stuffed away in a box in my garage.

    Hmmm, if I can remember how I turned on the hybrid SLI to begin with. Hmmmm.
  11. You can enable/disable Hybrid SLI from the BIOS
  12. I would be tempted to use one of the 8800's as a PhysX card, as they are just sitting around and yes you will have to dedicate it to PhysX via the Nv control panel and if you use the 257.15 beta drivers it makes things a lot easier to understand.
  13. Mousemonkey said:
    I would be tempted to use one of the 8800's as a PhysX card, as they are just sitting around and yes you will have to dedicate it to PhysX via the Nv control panel and if you use the 257.15 beta drivers it makes things a lot easier to understand.

    You tempted me and so thinking that there was no way I was going to get the 275 and the 8800 to sit side by side in the top two Pci-e slots I ran out and bought a relatively inexpensive 200 series card since the one I bought is really small.

    As it turns out it barely scrapes into the slot and it looks (with my failing eye sight) that some of the solder points are actually touching the 275 plastic case which I didn't like.

    So I try once more to insert the 8800 next to the 275 (planning on using the 8800 purely for the PhysX card) and low and behold it fits perfectly with a huge amount more space between the 275 and the 8800 than the 275 and the 220 that I bought, so tomorrow the 220 goes back to the store since I don't need it at all.

    Okay, so now I've got the 275 GTX in the first (top most) PCI-e slot, and the 8800 GTS in the next slot down.

    However... When I boot up this computer the bios information appears through the 8800 video card and it isn't until Windows boots that the 275 seems to become the primary display.

    Is there a way to make it so that the bios stuff that gets spit out when rebooting as well as the bios screens themselves display through the 275 instead of the 8800?

    //Looking forware to loading up Sacred 2 again and seeing if the stuff that uses PhysX is any smoother than it was back when I used to run 2 8800's in SLI.
  14. I don't know if that's fixable just yet, I had a similar thing with an older driver a while back but back then it switched the display to the secondary card. :??:
  15. I wonder if maybe I should be the 8800 in the first PCI-e slot and the 275 in the second PCI-e slot.

    I do have a third monitor laying around that if I can get a 12 foot VGA cable then I could just have that plugged into the 8800 and use that until Windows launches and then it will use my regular 2 monitors I suppose. I'll have to see if Best buy sells a 12' or longer VGA cable when I return the video card today.

    Now, onto my next question..
    Is there any program that I can run that will assure me that the correct output is going to the correct video card? For example a program that can assure me that th physX stuff in let's say the Sacred II game is actually being processed on the 8800 instead of it all being processed on the 275?
  16. Always put your main VGA in the first slot(its recommended)
    As for PhysX,i think you can change its settings in the Nvidia control panel or in the menu of the games that support PhysX
  17. Ok thanks. I found a 10' VGA extension cord at the local best buy so that will work out okay. Just have to remember to turn on that monitor when booting if I need to do anything in bios, otherwise I suppose I could just sit and wait until my main 2 monitors come on, telling me I've entered Windows.

    Thanks for the help and thanks for the suggestion mousemonkey about using one of the 8800's to run physx, at least now I don't feel that I've thrown away the card having them both sit in the garage.
  18. Could sell the other for $40-$50....
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