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Pop-pop-pop like firecrackers, then dead!

Hey folks,

My desktop just died. I was browsing youtube when three loud, rapid fire cracks like firecrackers popped in my case, and then it died completely and started to smell smokey. I disconnected everything, and then a couple hours later plugged the power back in and it won't even start up. The motherboard light is on, but the power button does nothing. Any ideas? Do you guys think it's dead? If so, what might be salvageable? Or is there a way to bring it back to functioning? Sorry if it seems like an ignorant question, but this has never happened before.

Details of my setup:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor
8 GB ram
5870 Gfx
Asus motherboard
Antec 1200 case
then some hard drives and a couple of DVD drives.

Just got the Antec last week, but the rig's occasionally crapped out in video games since i put it together.

Thanks for any advice/feedback!
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  1. You didnt post what power supply was in there, i would consider that to be the most likely cause of your firecracker experience. You will need to replace whatever failed and then start testing components one by one to see what still functions and what is toasted. Look at the motherboard, specifically at the capacitors, if any of them are bulging or busted then the board is toast and needs to be replaced.
  2. Ah, sorry about that, I've got a Cooler Master UCP 900W in there


    So would you recommend replacing the power supply, and then component-by-component testing?
  3. Look over the board and GPU for any blown capacitors (that is quite possibly the noise you heard, they sound (and look) like gunshots when they go). If you don't see anything, try looking in the vents of your PSU for any blown caps (there are some big ones in there).
  4. The UCP 900 should have been plenty to handle that system. You say it started to smell smokey, so we know something blew its magic smoke. I would take each part out and smell it, if it was the PSU that blew you should be able to smell it very clearly, you might be able to RMA it with cooler master if its still under warranty to get a quick replacement free.
  5. well get a different psu. thats probably what died. look for antec, seasonic, corsair, nzxt, something great quality, in the 650w+ range
  6. check out the psu like that guy said, or just try out a new psu... I have a kingwin lazer 750 and it works gr8!
  7. kingwin lazer - its a decent psu but not as good as one of the ones i meantioned in my last post
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    Reading the comments at newegg, deactivated now, this psu has failed on a lot of people. But I would still do a visual inspection of the board like people mentioned. Also your gpu.
    For blown capacitors.
  9. shovenose said:
    kingwin lazer - its a decent psu but not as good as one of the ones i meantioned in my last post

    what are the disadvantages? I always wanted to know...
  10. Hey, thanks everybody for your replies!
  11. A good example of a blown up capacitor. The chances are that if you clean up the board and replace the capacitor then the power supply may work
  12. Martin 71 said:
    what are the disadvantages? I always wanted to know...

    idk-expensive i guess? bragging rights?
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  14. shovenose said:
    idk-expensive i guess? bragging rights?

    XD i guess
  15. Hey, just following up on this, it was the power supply. I checked every capacitor on the motherboard and as many as I could see in the graphics card, and didn't see anything blown like in that photo. So I opened up the PSU (after having let it sit for a day--I read a little bit about capacitors and they can mess you up!) and the inside had three really, really big capacitors that were all split down the side and seem to have exploded grey goop all over inside the PSU. So yeah, everything works now--I hooked up another PSU and I'm good to go. Thanks everybody!
  16. Good to hear!
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