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I bought an MSI GTX570 OC Video Card last month. I haven't been able to use it because my current processor is not strong enough. I am going to upgrade to the Phemon II 955 or Phenom II 965, but I can't figure out which mobo to get. I already have 2x 2GB DDR3 (1600Mhz) ram for the new setup. Can I get suggestion's on the board please? Im looking for a great board for a great price.

Thank you.
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  1. Since you have not defined great numerically, i'll give you two options -

    There are few options for going SLI too but IMO, not worth consideration..
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I actually was looking at this one from which seems to possibly be the same as the first you suggested but there seems to be a difference of an X in the title.
  3. Get this one, it's Bulldozer ready (has the new AM3+ socket).
  4. Your choice is a good one. The "X" vs a "G" or "GX" just means the Northbridge has No on-board graphics. The 790 vs the 8XX series of MB chips usually just means you don't have native USB 3.0 and/or SATA 6Gb support, neither of which is really that important unless you plan on a high-end SSD drive.

    The board you have is rebated & a nice low price primarily because it is older, w/no USB 3.0 and/or SATA 6Gb support. But the "EVO" series from ASUS are all their nicer pack out and more deluxe boards, can't go wrong there.

    Only thing that would be just slightly cheaper would be:

    gains USB 3.0 and/or SATA 6Gb support, but gives up second PCI-E slot (which could only be used for dual AMD GPUs) and, adds an on-board graphics which you won't use any how.

    I would be concerned that you have a good strong 650watt power supply. Preferably from Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic to properly power that GTX 570. Post PS specs please...
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