NVidia Geforce 8400gs Stuck at 16-bit

I am running two monitors. One at 1600x900, and the other at 1680x1050. (Native resolutions)

The higher resolution monitor won't go above 16-bit color, once it's at it's native color resolution. Anything lower, it will allow 32, but once I bump it to native, it moves it down to 16-bit color.

Any ideas!?
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    It's only a 8400GS, might try a different graphics card like a 9800GT or above two run the dual monitors, but for now I would just adjust the resolution until your able to run 32-bit color ratio's.
  2. I would expect that at that resolution you are going to need at least a GTX260+, I'm running a 22" lcd and the 260+ runs it great, but my 8800 wouldn't run much of anything at those resolutions, dual monitors really don't matter unless you are spanning across them you take a hit
  3. did you see this:
    money back, $65 for a card pretty cheap
  4. Well, which do you think is better? I like that one better just because it's not as chunky.
  5. Thanks so much! I just bought a used 9800GT. Solved the problem!
  6. thealexbaron said:
    Thanks so much! I just bought a used 9800GT. Solved the problem!

    Sweet glad you fixed the problem with the 9800GT. I figured as much that would fix it for the fact on my old system I ran the 9800GT and ran at those resolutions fine.
  7. Glad your happy
  8. Best answer selected by thealexbaron.
  9. Thanx for the Best Answer!
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