Roughly $1200 Adobe Suite/Video Editing/Moderate Gaming PC

Hey guys, I'm looking for some ideas/sample builds that will meet my needs and that take advantage of the latest hardware. The main intent of the machine is to perform video editing, adobe after effects, photoshop/illustrator, that sort of thing. But it would be pretty swell if I could do some fairly future proof moderate to high-ish level gaming as well. The price point is pretty flexible because unfortunately, the other option is a nearly $3000 mac pro which I do not want, but unfortunately the entire artistic and artistic software community decided was the way to go. Going mac would be the only way to stay compatible with my place of work and truly be able to bring stuff back and forth...but enough with my woes.

I'm hoping a better performing pc at half the price will trick me into thinking I actually have a choice here, I really appreciate your help!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Mid to late August, also flexible

BUDGET RANGE: 1100-1400ish, after rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Adobe Suite Applications, Video Editing, Gaming


PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Both Newegg and tigerdirect have treated me well in the past, but I would bow to any other recommendations as well.


PARTS PREFERENCES: No particular bias.

OVERCLOCKING: I have no experience in this, I've heard that it doesn't risk your machine and yet gives you a free boost to your machine, so I don't see why not. But if it risks the life expectancy of the build, I'd rather avoid the hassle. I'm not computer illiterate and always willing to learn, but I also don't want to have to baby the machine too much either.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Aw shucks, best I can get I suppose, but nothing too crazy is really necessary. I'll have a 1080p 40" tv in the same room, being able to plug into it occasionally to screen something I'm working on would be pretty convenient I suppose.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Easy to keep cool? Hah.

Thanks again!
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  1. Do you know if what you're doing in Adobe makes good use of nVidia cards? I'm asking because they tend to work better in non-gaming applications, but the cards are so expensive and generate a lot of heat that they're usually not recommended unless you really need them.

    When you say you need everything, does that include the OS and a monitor? How about a keyboard and mouse?

    Here's what I'd look at to get started:

    CPU/GPU: i7-930 and HD 5870 $655 or i7-930 and GTX 480 $705 after rebate
    Mobo/PSU: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R and Corsair 750HX $300 after rebate
    RAM: Corsair XMS3 3x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $155 after rebate
    GPU: GTX 470 (possibly 480) or HD 5870 $385 after rebate (with free game). I'm still working on this part.
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $75
    Case: HAF 922 $90
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $18 with promo code

    Total: $1,293 with HD 5870, $1,343 with GTX 480
  2. Hmm ok i would assume the worse i.e : u need the full monty :P Starting on the lower end of that budget:

    Tower @ $885AR

    ASUS VH232H Glossy Black 23" @ $165AR
    Win 7 HP 64 @ $100
    $1150AR grand total before kb/mouse/speakers
  3. Ah, thanks so much for the suggestions guys. I actually have a copy of 64 bit windows 7 ready to go. As for monitor and peripherals, I was thinking they'd be separate, but if anyone wants to suggest a monitor for a few couple hundred dollars, I'd be glad for the tips.
  4. There's a few options. I like to recommend this Asus 23" 1080p ($180 after rebate) because it's cheap, but still fairly large and good quality.
  5. I would assume (i know the mother of all screw ups) that if your build is late next month then you might be able to get the 930 from newegg for around 200 if you can't get to Microcenter. Because the 950 is dropping to pretty much the price the 930 is right now right around that time. I may be wrong but even if I am you can get the 950 for the same price?
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