Stuck Heatsink?

One of the legs of my factory intel quad heatsink is stuck in the mobo. These cheap factory heatsinks had these 4 legs with plastic clips that you put into the holes in the mobo, but for some reason, the plastic on one of the legs keep bending outwards, so i super glued them together, so i could insert them into the hole. now i can't remove this leg from the motherboard. when i pulled my heatsink out, it snapped off from the leg, which is still stuck in the mobo. I re-attached the heatsink, with only 3 legs secured onto the mobo. Not that i need to replace my heatsink anytime soon, because the current one is doing fine, but should i worrying?

ttyl: one of the legs broke off the heatsink and is stuck to the mobo because of superglue. should i worry?
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  1. Not until everything stops working because of thermal problems or you want to replace the HSF.
  2. I'm surprised your not having an issue with overheating. But if your not having any problems run with it.
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