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I recently got a SSD for the sole purpose of booting up Windows quickly. Is it possible to not make this drive the primary drive? Like, is it possible to not make all the files save to this drive? I have another HDD I have set up, but it isn't the main drive for dump files, etc. Any suggestions?
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  1. Most programs give you an option during the install as to which drive and folder it is installed to. The ones that don't end up on your OS drive. Vista and 7 allow you to use symbolic links if needed.
  2. Booting windows fast is only 1/2 of the use of an SSD. Are you OK with programs loading slower or files being opened slower? If yes, you can move My Documents to any drive, and you can also change the default setup path for applications in the registry. Location to that change varies on the OS you have so do a web search and you will find the info. Same thing for the swap file, you can have that moved to any drive you want.
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