Memory Blue screen -- Please help!!!

First off the only time I ever get the blue screen is when I am playing BC2. I never have this problem with any thing else. No other games, programs, just writing documents, or using the internet (or internet games/movies/etc.).. It will all of a sudden blue screen with a "physical memory dump" and then restart itself.

I have had this checked out by certified Intel technicians and they couldn't really pin point it down expect to a possible motherboard problem. RMA the mobo and got a new one. Played BC2 for an hour with no problem and then went to play it again and it happened. I about threw the damn thing out the window.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling BC2, didn't work. The only thing that I can maybe put it to is I can't ever run memtest (it always freezes at 7%). I've tried to do everything except doing a reformat as I have a ton of data and programs and it takes me forever.

My CPU and video card temps have always been fine and cooler than most people's posting. As well with the voltages to each.

Please any help or suggestions and I would be extremely grateful. I'll try and give as much info as I can. Thanks,
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  1. Apart from the memory issue it seams to be only that one game (presuming that you play others). That usually points to software issue so are you running the latest GPU drivers and are there any patches for the game?
  2. I have the latest GPU driver and all patches. Yeah this never happens with any other games. I know BC2 takes a ton of GPU and CPU power and the closest I have to that is SC2, which isn't that close from what I am told.
  3. fsbwildcat said:
    The only thing that I can maybe put it to is I can't ever run memtest (it always freezes at 7%). ,

    Are you using MemTest86+ 4.2 or are you using the Windows memory tool?

    Can you take your RAM and test it, using the same parameters, in another system to see if you can test beyond 7%?
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