Just about had it with P8P67 - thoughts on GA-P67A-UD4?

Bought the i5 2500k + ASUS P8P67 Pro combo from MC, had some initial problems with double booting and periodic dropping of drives that were solved by clearing CMOS and updating the BIOS. MC took forever getting in the B3 P8P67 Pro boards, so they gave me the same discount on a P8P67 Deluxe. Now I have even more problems than before:

1. Double posting, where it starts to post, shuts down, then restarts.

2. Random freezes, where the the display, mouse, and keyboard all just lock up for 30 seconds or so.

3. Failing to resume from sleep.

All these problems have been well documented on the ASUS site, HardForum, and Tom's, and I've tried a variety of proposed solutions, including clearing CMOS, disabling PLL voltage, enabling C1E, C3, C6, and enabling power on by PCIe. I'm running the most recent 1503 BIOS, and I'm not overclocked.

As much as I don't want to take apart my rig yet again, I'm just about done with ASUS. The P8P67 series just seems too flaky. I guess I have a few weeks until I need to pull the trigger, but I'm strongly considering switching to another board. Any thoughts on the stability of the GA-P67A-UD4? While no board is perfect, Gigabyte's P67 boards seem to have fewer complaints than the ASUS boards.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If I was going to buy again, it would be a Gigabyte UD4 board. I haven't seen anywhere near as many problem posts for those. Of course, they probably don't sell anywhere near as many of those as they do the ASUS Pro board (the best-selling P67 by far).
  2. That's funny, I haven't had any problems at all with my P8P67 and my i5 2500k.
  3. I have straight P8P67 and while I had some issues with initial board the B3 has been rock solid.

    Are you pushing the timings to the limit?
  4. Goldfolk said:
    I have straight P8P67 and while I had some issues with initial board the B3 has been rock solid.

    Are you pushing the timings to the limit?

    There must be something going on, and timings might lead to the kind of problems OP is having. Thoughts, src1425?
  5. don't use the auto -oc feature..that's a known issue..but a lot of p67 boards have that issue..the UD4 is a great board..simple bios..great features for the price...truly remarkable board...I own a p8p67 deluxe myself, but I would switch to a ud4/ud7 in a heartbeat..

    Try setting everything on your current motherboard to it's default settings and see if it still has the issue...manually set everything ...this may or may not help..but, it's helped some folks...but board doesn't wake up from it's sleep state either, which is a nuisance..and it is a very known issue...this is why I still favor the X58 platform...in any case, the gigabyte UD4 is a great motherboard..and many have switched from P8p67's to the gigabyte boards with great success....so, although it is troublesome taking the rig apart..it may be worth it if it means not having to deal with hiccups such as the one's you have been experiencing
  6. Thanks all for the thoughtful responses. Will have to check the timings, but I'm using the defaults from XMP, which I used to get the memory speed up to the listed 1600. After clearing CMOS, the only changes I've made to the BIOS (other than the XMP settings) are the ones recommended as potential fixes for this problem, e.g., disabling PLL voltage, enabling C1E, C3, C6, and enabling power on by PCIe. Most of those recommendations came from Gary, an ASUS rep who posts on HardForum.

    I'm sure there are plenty of folks having no problems with the board - it's generally the folks with problems who tend to post. It's a lovely board, and the B2 version was really solid after some quick fixes, but this one has just been a PITA. Hopefully they'll have another BIOS out soon - the most recent ones are dated 4/1, 3/18, and 3/1. I do know I'm not alone, as the P8P67 thread on HardForum is up to 115 pages with 2,284 posts.
  7. my sandybridge use to freeze also until i increased the voltage on my ram
  8. Your board is bad send It back for replacement the drive drop is do to the bad marvel sata controller when they are gone if you go in the device manger it will show ahci driver failed witch it's not the problem. I also had heat problems with the one in my display system.it is a bad board sorry to tell ya that but that is your problem. And as for the double booting that is not a problem it is the marvel controller boot rom if you turn it off in the bios in advanced-sata-marvel rom then it will not boot 2 times but as the board is bad any way.
    And far as gigabyte they make a nice board to but they don't have the features are a little different . Hope this helps
  9. I would rip that board out and take it back asap! After ripping the heatsink off a Asus Sabertooth p67 board not once but twice trying a replacment with no success...

    I bought the GA-P67A-UD4 and it absolutely rocks! No random lockups, double bios postings, flaky overclocking etc... The list goes on and on not to mention I could not even SLI my 2 GTX 480's WTF is really going Asus?
  10. Starting to agree with Intel2you and solidnickel. Wishing I hadn't jumped on the Sandy Bridge bandwagon quite so soon!
  11. How come I haven't had any problems with my P8P67 vanilla board? I don't OC, but I guess I got lucky.
  12. I'm sure there are lots of people who don't have problems with their P8P67 boards. Usually, they don't post of forums though. It's the people who have problems that post, and there are a lot of them too.

    Yeah, any early adoption will have some kinks to work out. They (the manufacturers) use us as beta-testers, because there's no way they can do as much testing as we do with all of our varied hardware configurations. This one also happened to have a recall attached to it. I'm going to do it again if I can possibly afford to, as I've enjoyed the experience immensely. I'm sure there are a large percentage of people who will never be an early-adopter again because of this slightly rocky start.

    In any case, if I was you I'd definitely move to a different manufacturer. If I was to buy a more expensive board (my ASRock P67 Pro3 was $124 originally), the Gigabyte UD4 would be my first choice.
  13. Yes you don't post problems you don't have and most people don't post at all they send them back. Iv been see it all over the place and had few bad ones now.bad run at ASUS line I guess iv never had a bad ASUS board tell the p67 came in town other then some incompabilty here and there I'm on the 3rd one in the shop system all works well so far lol. I'm sadly not going to use the ASUS line till there new chipset come out. If they go a long with gigabyte June there news z68 boards will hit the shelves
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