Help me to choose a mobo.

I have decided to upgrade my old c2d system.I will keep only the cpu,hdd,dvd-drive and ram(if possible ,since its ddr2).I will buy a 6850.
I need a motherboard (mATX or ATX but NOT uATX ) with pcie 2.0 for the 6850.The mobo should also be able to oc my fsb(since my multi is locked(c2d e6750)) more than 450 mhz.
Plz suggest as many mobo as u can since its hard to find a specific mobo in India.
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  1. LGA 775 MOBOs are hard to find anywhere, so what sites do you shop at in India.

    If I or anyone provides suggestions but you simply cannot obtain it becomes a pointless process. Intel and ASUS are the best current choices for your platform.

    You 'can' OC your E6750 by increasing the FSB and setting the PCIe to 100MHz, there are plenty of guides and how to's out there. IMO it makes little sense to get a E6850.

    Link ->
    Link ->
  2. There are not many website in india for hardware but nevermind i found this mobo Biostar TP43E have a p43 chip set which should allow upto 430 fsb or maybe 450 if i am lucky :) .
    PS. is the best for me.
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