Faulty PSU? Help!

Hey guys,

I'm a totally new user to the forum, although I have been following it for a while when I've needed any advice etc. However, I've come across a bit of a dead end now and I can't seem to find a specific answer to my query - so I thought there's no better time to ask the techies, considering I'm more or less a bit of a novice to computers. Any help is so greatly appreciated.

Basically, I invested in a new (well, second hand) computer and haven't stopped having problems with it since day one. The rig came with an 8800 Ultra already included running on a Jeantech 1000w PSU; used it for a day and it began to artefact with error code 43. Great! Scrapped that, ordered a 4850 1GB as I was on a budget. Couldn't actually play anything on it as it green screened all the time. Bioshock was totally out of the question, I'd get five minutes out of it before it was either green or black screen (although the monitor still detected input). It only did this with certain games?

So after all I decided to invest in a GTX465. A week using it, and thought all my prayers had been answered - ran like an absolute dream! Turned it on yesterday to find the black screen again. :fou: Hasn't been overclocked or edited in any way whatsover, and I haven't been using it too intensively.

Turned the computer off, yeah it worked the second time froze however it decided to freeze at login. Restarted it again - black screen with no boot whatsoever. The monitor isn't detecting input. Jiggled the card around a bit and into different PCI-E slot thinking that may be faulty. Still no joy! So I decided to pop the 4850 back in there, still no joy with the same no input screen... Tearing my hair out at this point I just put the system as it originally was with the GTX465 and tried a final time. And success! It worked, got to the desktop in full res, and then all of a sudden changed to low res. Low and behold it was error code 43. So I uninstalled the drivers, installed and restarted. Everything seemed fine, fired up Mafia 2 to see if it was all sorted. Was okay for five minutes, until it black screened all over again and I'm now back at square one. I've tried to do the above process one more time without any luck and I'm totally out of ideas.

Please bear in mind I'm a budding novice when it comes to this, so any help or suggestions I'd welcome. I'm assuming that it might be a faulty PSU?

All my current specs are as follows:

Asus M3N-HT Deluxe
AMD Phenom 2 955 Black Edition @ 3.2 Ghz
6GB Geil DDR2 800mhz
Geforce GTX465 1GB
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Samsung 750GB 7200rpm
Samsung DVD Dual layer writer/lightscribe
Antec 902 with all fans
Jeantech Absolute 1000W
HP L2151ws 21.5" Monitor

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Definitely try a different PSU. 8800Ultra and GTS465 are power hungry cards. And I know nothing about your PSU. Get a quality PSU with 40A on the 12V rail.
  2. Okay will do. Cheers for the reply, I'll have a shop around. Fingers crossed this does the trick.
  3. where you shopping from ?
  4. Quote:
    where you shopping from ?

    All depends really, I just have a look around for the best price and feedback. Possibly Novatech or CPC? I don't suppose anybody has any suggestions or recommendations for a PSU at all? This is my first ever PSU purchase!

    Cheers again,
    Dan :D
  5. budget?
  6. Ideally nothing over £100 as I've already spent an arm and a leg on this damned thing....
  7. look for a good brand like corsair, antec, seasonic, nzxt, stuff like that
  8. the only reviews of your psu on the internet are by non-reputable sites that dont run real tests . and even then they found that it wasnt the best psu...
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