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Hi guys, Just wondering if the video card memory needs to be the same type as the CPU? For instance if I have DDR2 RAM, does the video card also need to be DDR2? I noticed some 1 gig, DDR3 cards, that are as cheap as DDR2. Would a DDR3 ovrload a DDR2 CPU?
Thanks for any input before I fry anything!
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  1. no video card and system memory are independent of each other
  2. indeed vcard mem is just that, vcard mem it has nothing to do with your actual system ram, a socket 939 MB with a pcix16 slot and DDR ram could run a HD5850, just not even remotely well
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    Video Memory speeds (DDR2, DDR3, GDDR5) have absolutely no direct affect on your RAM in your system. However, if you're using an older system that utilizes DDR2 memory, that may signal to use you may want/need more system upgrades to gain the performance you're looking for.

    All depends on what you're doing.

    1) What video card are you considering?
    2) What games do you play?
    3) What resolution is your monitor?
    4) What CPU do you have, and what is the clock speed?
    5) Do you have a specific budget for buying this video card?

    All this info will help us give you some advice to make sure you get the right video card to begin with. :)
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