Video cards will not fit in t6528

I had to obtain a video card with more ram in order to isntall Windows 7. Obtained online a 8400GS-PCI-E 256mb video card. The mounting bracket is too short and had to remove it to install card. Card fan did not turn and the card dint last long.

Next tried to install RageXL ATIexp 98. the card is too long to allow the contacts to align with and insert in the pci slot.
Does this mean that these cards cannot function w2ith this computer and they just ahve wrong mounting ?

I went back to the onboard card and now struglling to get the system to recognize Vista and load up. Meanwhile I want to upgrade this video.
ay ideas ?
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  1. It sounds like you were trying to install a PCIe card into an AGP slot, if so, it won't work. What is the make and model of your motherboard?
  2. What is your motherboard? brand? model? AGP/PCI/PCI-E slot?
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