Motherboard or graphics card?

I am using a Dual core(CPU) E2180 @ 2.00Ghz,2000mhz,128Mb integrated intel gfx.This machine barely plays any game and am wondering which is the best option between buying a graphics card(9800GTX) and and a motherboard with an itegrated graphics card of 1Gb?
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  1. A discrete graphics card is going to be a better upgrade than a motherboard with integrated graphics. Integrated is fine for office work and internet browsing but not for gaming. Make sure your power supply is big enough to handle the card you want to install.
  2. if want gaming, go with new gfx card of course. but if you want your pc runs smoothyl for everyday task.. buy a new motherboard and new CPU. it doesnt have to be intel latest i7 or i5 series.. just get AMD 720.. and you´ll set and go.
  3. I want gaming,but I was told I have to overclock my CPU so that I do not limit my card,I dont know how to overvlock or even wea to start with upgrading this current machine to a gaming machine,any help?
  4. You can just google overclocking cpu and plenty of guides pop up. It is going to be dependent on your motherboard as well some allow overclocking others don't.
    Typically OEM systems like Dell, HP and etc will not allow overclock because of limited BIOS options.
  5. Mine is HP,m sad that it dz nt allow overclocking.
  6. Being a HP you probably only have a ~300watt PSU which will limit the size of the GPU you can install without changing PSU. The best card on the market at the moment that will run on a 300watt PSU is HD5670. Other possible cards for gaming would be HD4670, HD5570 and GT240.
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