Jerking sound at my PC!

I have a very annoying problem with my pc.

Since a few weeks when I'm listening to music on the pc, or I'm just watching a film after while the sound begins to jerk. At the first time also additionally my mouse and pc was blocked. After some seconds all this disappeared and everything worked again (except the jerking sound). So the first thing I checked was the ram, I run several times a memtest and also orthos for almost 12 hours, but no errors has been found,. Then, I checked my hard drives for possible errors with sentinel, but there was also nothing to found. My graphic card had also no failures, but I've changed it to another one (Inno 3d 9600GT), again with no success. So the next thing was that I redeployed the pc on both hard drives with windows xp and vista. Just so if maybe the drivers under windows 7 have some problems, or the raid0 is damaged. Nothing changed. On both hard drives with separate virgin OS’s (with only necessary drivers) after a while jerking sound came back (no matter which HDD was chosen to boot from). My WD green has been also changed to a Hitachi 500GB version to see if this could change anything, but I was mistaken. In the event viewer there are no errors listed, before I redeployed, or after it. I've also made several times a complete virus scan with my avast, but there was nothing to report.
Just a short summary about my configuration:
Asus P5B Premium+Intel Core Duo E6750+4x1GB Corsair 6400 C4(ver. 2.1 & ver 6.3 working at 2,1 V)+Palit 9600GT Sonic+2xHitachi Sata 80GB@RAID0+WD Green 500GB+NEC ND-2500A+Plextor PX-130A+Corsair CX400+Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro+2X Arctic Cooling AF12025L
I’ve already tried to change first of all the ram to a standard Kingston(533mhz), no change. Tried to change my graphic card (as mentioned above) same again. Tried with a motherboard change to an Asus P5B Deluxe, again the same. Made a change from the e6750 cpu to an e6550 without any improvements. Changed my old vx450 PSU to a new CX400 one, jerking still there. Changed all sata and pata cables, also deactivated the jmicron PATA/SATA controller to see if maybe my dvd drives are wrong but no, annoying sound still there. At least I’ve deactivated the integrated audio, and tried with an usb audio system, bust as expected the pc is continuing to jerk.
And not at the last to mention, currently I'm working with windows 7 (64bit), with the latest updates, drivers and bios (1201) that can be found on the asus support site.
Made a short vide of the jerking sound:

Could somebody help me what the next step should be to solve my problem or which HW part in my configuration could cause this sound problem?
Thanks for all help and answers in advance!
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  1. Anybody a suggestion for this probem?
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