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Today I ordered my parts for a new build. I have an ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO motherboard, and I seemed to have been having no trouble at all apart from a dvd reader that I chose wrongly, I took out the DVD reader, and my USB ports stopped working, I saw that the mouse I had plugged in through usb flashed (the lights) everytime I inserted it into a usb port. I already have redone all my cables twice and the problem persists. I cannot do anything right now because I can't use keyboard, nor mouse. Is there a fix to this problem?
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  1. We talking front ports, rear ports, or both? If the front USB ports are non-functiontional, check to see that the front panel connector is connected snugly on to the motherboard.

    If the rear or both sets of ports aren't working, try reinstalling your DVD drive, and then put in your Windows installation disc. Perform a repair using the disc.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Install the DVD player again and see what happen. Reboot the CMOS again.
  3. Windows wasn't installed previously, this is completely fresh parts. I will try re-installing the DVD player.
  4. Also I can't use BIOS considering the fact that I have a usb keyboard.
  5. USB keyboard isn't a problem for use BIOS, I have one USB and one bluetooth and both works in my BIOS.

    I mean, reset the BIOS removing the battery for 10-15s or using the clear CMOS button on your mobo.
  6. I cleared the CMOS as you instructed, problem still persists.
  7. Here is a video I recorded to show you what I mean about my mouse that is connected through USB just switching on and off whilst I plug my USB cable into the computer. The light flashes on and off everytime I pull the cable in or out, when it should stay lit. Same would go for my keyboard.
  8. Some USB Keyboards simply won't work, but I assume that they worked before -> "I took out the DVD reader, and my USB ports stopped working"

    Next, my assumption is something got 'moved' i.e. MOBO. Pull the USB Headers off the MOBO, unscrew the MOBO and PCIe screws, and dangle the MOBO supported by a towel and away from anything conductive. Only use the built-in USB ports on the MOBO I/O and try again.
  9. Still having problems.
  10. If you did as I recommend and also tried different USB ports then try a different USB Keyboard & Mouse. You clearly have a wired mouse which rules-out a wireless 'linking' problem.

    Therefore, if also a new USB Keyboard fails then that leaves the MOBO :( You already cleared the CMOS. Getting power has nothing to do with the USB signal being processed by the chipset(s).
  11. Ah. Only leaves the mobo, eh? My mouse/keyboard aren't the problem as they work perfectly on the computer I'm typing this with..That's odd.
  12. The only other thing you can 'try' is a full breadboard which means pulling the MOBO and using bare, I'm mean bare, minimum set-up. Another s-l-i-m possibility is a shorting CPU Fan backplate -- if there's metal to MOBO then that can cause a problem; screw | plastic washer | MOBO | plastic washer | etc... on top.

    Let us know...
  13. Well. I'll try return the mobo to newegg. Once I get my replacement in..I'll see if the problem persists.
  14. Sorry it all happened :( and good luck on the new MOBO.

    Most failures occur from 0~30 days and normally after that with all new stuff you're good for years :)
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