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i am having a problem in my office regarding networking. it was working fine but now we are facing problems regarding printout through print server. the guy, who looks after networking is on leave. Let me explain the problem that we are facing.
All of our computers and laptops were virus infected and required to format. After formatting we cannot take printout from the printer. All computers are running under windows XP Pro SP2. im explaining the details of networking in our office.
We have ADSL modem whose IP is, this is connected with ASUS RT-G32 Wireless Router (IP is through CAT5 cable. The router is also connected with 8 port network HUB through a CAT5 cable. The usb printer HP-840C is connected to HUB through Netgear PS121 USB Print Server. All desktop PCs are connected to HUB through wire and all laptops are connected through ASUS RT-G32 wireless router. We are able to access internet. Now the problem is we cannot take printout from the HP-840C USB printer which is connected to Netgear PS121 USB Printer. Please help me to configure to take printout from wired desktop PCs as well as from wireless laptops.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What is the iP of the printer? You need to know that in order to connect to it. Once you know that you configure a tcp/ip printer port during the install printer setup.
  2. i dont know the ip of the printer. the printer is HP-840C USB deskjet printer. pl tell me how to get the ip of this printer?
  3. the ip of the printer is now i have already configured the print server in one wired pc and in one laptop through combination of hub and router. the netgear software can detect the printer and assign its unique ip ( if i ping that ip then got reply. but in the time of taking printout that's failed to print. if i press the diag button at the back of netgear print server PS121v2 for 2 seconds, then im able to receive a printout mentioning its ip address, name etc. in case of print command from any computer (wired pc or wireless laptop) nothing printing. is it my fault or, probs in print server? pl need your valuable suggestion.
  4. make sure the file and print sharing on tcp/ip setting on your computers are enabled and just ping the printer and the print server to make sure the PCs can communicate with them.... If those are set up and working properly then I can't really think about anything except for permissions on the print server
  5. if your in a peer to peer network make sure all the pcs and the printers are in the same "WORKGROUP"
  6. and run the print wizard on your PCs to locate the network printer if your in client/server network enviroment
  7. Hello Akram666,

    I have tried those procedures several times, but all in vain. i then checked with HP PSC-1210 All-in-One printer and that's working fine. Now i tried with Brother MFC-7420 multifunction laser printer. The same problem arises. I checked the printer compatibility at netgear site and found that HP-840C deskjet printer as well as Brother MFC-7420 multifunction laser printer are not supported by PS121v2 print server. Do you have any idea is there other printer driver that supports Brother MFC-7420 printer? Pl go through netgear site for compatibility reference.
  8. umm not really, im not familiar with Brother MFC-7420 printer to be honest but I will ask around, good luck , but my best guess is to contact Brother MFC-7420 printer manufacture customer support, If it's a compatibility issue.
  9. Hi Akram666,

    Atlast i have done. Now i can take print from wired pc and wireless laptop to Brother MFC-7420 USB Printer using combination of switch, wireless router and netgear PS121v2 print server. I have overcome the compatibility problem. Simultaneously, i am able to net surfing also. Reserving of print server ip solves the problem. Thanks for your valuable contribution.
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