DDR2 pairing issue?

hi, i have a gigabyte M55SLI-S4 running 2 1 gig sticks of PC2-4200 ram paired. i am experiencing crashing issues, i suspected other components but after replacing nearly everything except my mobo and ram i am at my wits end. i began testing my ram and discovered it crashed during the first test. i then ran the same ram test with only one stick, it passed, i then tested all 4 slots with that stick, they all passed. i then tried the other stick and it again passed. i then tried the ram test in the other 2 slots i ran the first test in and the computer again crashed. i am running the test again with the ram in slots where they are not paired and they have made it longer than when they were paired.

does this sound like a motherboard problem or a ram problem? how can i test this further to be sure what component it not working? i don't have other mobo's or sticks or ram to help in testing.

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    If the RAM passed but later failed under the same conditions it's probably not the RAM; inconsistent Pass/Fail.

    When testing RAM use Memtest86+ to isolate the OS; create a bootable CD/DVD use ISO/Zip ->

    I would look at the temps with an app like HW Monitor - and see if the temps are a factor. Otherwise my 'gut' feeling is your PSU and/or the power to your house. I'm in FL and our power is awful with frequent brown-outs accompanied by voltage/Hz drops; my UPS turns on several times a week.

    If you run Prime95 with BIOS = Default values and you have inconsistent Pass/Fail then most of the time it's the PSU.

    Q - What OS?
    Q - Have you tried System Restore?
    Q - Does the problem go away if you -> Run MSCONFIG, select Diagnostic and Test?
  2. thanks for the welcome :)

    when i tested the RAM i used a bootable CD. i had previously used several temp monitoring programs. since this problem began i have lived in 3 different houses and replaced the PSU and the HDD as well as the video card.

    i have used windows XP and 7- both experiencing this issue.
    i have tried a system restore and new HDD's.
    i have not tried MSCONFIG. but i will now

    the last RAM test i ran also failed when not paired.
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    A bad PSU can do a lot of damage including the GPU, MOBO and CPU. Oddly, a shorted or partially shorted peripheral can do the same thing.

    Based upon Memtest MSCONFIG nor the OS is the problem(s).

    ----------------------------------- Both Sticks Failed -----------------------------------

    Installation: DDR2 needs to be inserted in the same color DIMM slots. You can clean the RAM contacts with Isopropyl alcohol, insert damp in DIMM slots, remove/clean & repeat, remove allow to dry 5 minutes.

    Load Optimized Defaults -> Y
    DDR2 Voltage Control -> +0.1v
    Save & Exit -> Y

    CLR_CMOS (Clear CMOS) ; short pins as described in the manual; page 33.

    Load Fail-Safe Defaults -> Y
    Save & Exit -> Y

    Failure of Memtest - replace RAM.


    Next, IF Memtest passes but the RANDOM problems continue:

    ----------------------------------- Both Sticks Passed -----------------------------------

    You have (2) choices: Easy & Hard to find problem(s), Hard & Easy to find problem(s).

    What 'I' would do if the RAM is ruled-out and as easy a possible:
    1. Minimal setup: Pull ALL header & front panel connections, unplug SATA DVD, disconnect all USB, swap peripherals {keyboard/mouse}. A PS/2 keyboard is best.
    2. Unscrew MOBO and PCIe screws, dangle the MOBO on a towel but away from anything conductive.
    3. Move GPU to the 'black' PCIe
    4. Move HDD to different SATA Port; ideally is the first SATA Port "SATAII0"; oddly this is the second SATA port from the top.
    Prime95 testing
    use a screw driver and close the PWR+ | PWR-
    FAILURE - use (1) stick; FAILURE swap the (1) other stick.
    FAILURE - it's either the MOBO or CPU; RAM doesn't work once then suddenly fail by having the PC turn-off.

    ----------------------------------- Failure Gone -----------------------------------

    IF the failure goes away then, particularly with both sticks, then you know whats good. Then move the GPU the the 'blue' PCIe and test with Memtest.

    Next, start adding stuff one at a time with the headers last.
  4. wow. thank you very much for your responses. i will start to try these right away
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