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I am having a problem with an older computer I built in 2007. Everything has worked great for years. Today when I tried to turn on computer it will boot all the way through the bios then the screen goes black when the O.S. is suppose to load. I have tried another monitor, video card, power supply and hard drive all with the same result. I have also changed out the HD sata cable, the dvdrom IDE cable, checked all power connections, reseated the RAM and checked for bad capacitors on the motherboard. I have also reset the cmos and tried defaults in bios. IM OUT OF IDEAS! Please give more ideas to try

WinXPsp3 32bit
Hard Drive:
Graphics Card:

Also tried to boot into Linux from flash drive...did not work
Tried booting from DVD and that did work, going to try a diff hard drive that I can actually install something on as the one that is in the machine is Dynamic
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  1. In the "all the way through the BIOS", does it test and OK the RAM?
  2. Yes I just Double checked to make sure
    -I should also add that i recently had a monitor hooked up to this computer that had just had a capacitor replaced and still did not work...I think it had some power issues
    -Also we have had thunder-storms lately but I do have the computer hooked up through a cheap surge protector
    -The computer also sat completely disconnected for about 3 weeks before i recently hooked it up again
  3. if the machine boots to the dvd drive ( which you mentioned it does) try reinstalling the thing you didn't mention, Can you get into safe mode? if so, then there is something at startup preventing windows from finishing the boot process
  4. I can get the machine to the Safe Mode Menu but when I select Safe Mode, it starts to go but hangs when it gets to a line with system.log
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    I would try a reinstall of windows and see what happens. do you have another machine available to you? if so it would not hurt to run chkdsk on that drive from the other machine. at least you will know if there are file system errors, or bad sectors
  6. It's fixed. I put an XP CD in, used the repair option to bring up cmd and ran chkdsk /r It took about an hour and it fixed it. OS loaded right up. I thought for sure this was a hardware failure. Thank all of you for your help. Will definetly continue to use this site.
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  8. Thank you for choosing my answer as best. if you have any other issues, feel free to ask
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