Will a HD5850 manage a 1080 X 5760 rez?

Hallo :D

Hoppin forums, glad I found this place! Hey you lot could you please advise me on something? Im about to buy a graphics card and Ive settled on the HD5850, it seems to give the best value for money.

My current setup has a HD4870 and Im running dual monitors - two Philips 1680 X 1050 widescreen LCDs

The HD5850 wont have a problem with those.

However - in the future when Ive saved some money I wanna get 3 X 24" displays each at 1920x1080 which I want to run in Eyefinity. So the HD5850 will have to deal with a 1080 X 5760 display. Will it cope with this? The main game I play is Microsoft FSX Acceleration. Apart from that I usually play stuff like Modern Warfare 2, Just Cause 2, Fallout 3 etc.

I did look at HD5870 but its too expensive. My idea was to hang tight with a new HD5850 and when prices fall for the 5870 Ill sell the 5850 and get that one. Im just getting the 5850 now cuz I want Eyefinity so bad!

What do you lot think? Thanks for your help guys :D

System Specs
Core i7 920 @ 2.67Ghz
700W Corsair PSU
MSI X58 Platinum MS-7522 mobo
HD4870 1GB
Two 1680 X 1080 LCD widescreens
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  1. Hmm, i like the way you're thinking... :)

    Yes, HD5850 is strong enough to run 3 monitors, get 2GB version, when you have bigger resolution more VRAM on GPU would help a lot. So you can sell it later to get a new HD5870...
  2. Thanks for the reply wa1 :) Good tip on getting the 2GB version, will scoot around looking for a decent deal on those. I was hopin prices would come down a little more since nVidia released their new GPUs but the dent isnt that great.

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: Ok now Im in an interesting situation - the 2GB HD5850 seems to cost as much as a standard 5870! Ok I gots some thinking to do here!!! Lol!
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