Which CPU? i7 930 or i7 950?

Hi Guys. I'm buying my CPU today and am deciding between the i7 930 for $199 or i7 950 for $249 both before taxes. New microcenter near me! I'm trying to build quality for cheaper $ so I'm leaning towards the 930. But for only $50 I'd get the 950 if it was a big boost. What do ya think and why? Thanks
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  1. 0.26 GHz worth $50? No, you can get it with overclock.
  2. I'd recommend the 950 if you don't plan on overclocking and learning all the lingo, but the 930 has the best value per dollar. You can easily overclock to 950 speeds, and both CPUs overclock to the same levels.
  3. I'd go for the 950...its a good boost in clockrate, plus you won't need to overclock and void warranty and risk damage :) As I always say, if you have the money...go for it.
  4. I went for it! got the 950. Higher multiplier and more consistant batches than 930 for only $50 more. Plus Microcenter has a protection plan that covers overclocking. It was $33 and will cover me for 1 year after intel warranty, so 4 years! No worries about voiding my warranty now! that's less than $10 a year. word up
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