Lagging even with an i7 core!

Hey guys, i'm no good with computers and seem to carry this same problem with the couple of laptops which i had and am currently having.

i don't know why my CPU usage is always ranging from 25% - 100%, most of the time ranging from 80% - 100%. i only had internet explorer opened and it was still the same. I checked my friends CPU usage and it's all less than 10%! and they had more things running than me! i don't understand why! i just bought this laptop 4 months ago.

this are the specs:
Dell Studio 1558
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67GHz
6.00 GB RAM
64-bit OS
Windows 7 Home Premium
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 1GB

I normally use ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Photoshop, hence why i got this laptop with these specs. but am still so frustrated cause it's still lagging!

all the apps were pre-installed when i got this laptop but there was only 1 hard disk driver (c drive) so a month ago, my friend helped me divide it into 2, apparently it's easier and better for the laptop if u have 2 hard disk drivers? that might be the reason my laptop is acting so hay-wired?

hopefully someone can shed some light and save me for throwing my laptop against the wall! thanksss!! :) would really appreciate some help!

thanks for your time!

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  1. Try this.
    Use this link to download and run CCleaner.
    Just download it and then open/run the file.
    Then use the analyse feature and run cleaner.
    Then go to registry clean on menu and run that.
    Then go to Tools and check startup programs.
    Really do not need many startups running.
    Google the names of startup programs you are not sure about to see if they
    are necessary.
    Close the program.
    go to Start menu->programs->accessories->system tools->disk defragmenter
    run defrag on both hard drives
    it will take awhile sometimes an hour or two.
    see if that helps.
    Please post back if it does.
  2. Your computter may have 3 of theses problems :

    1 - There's Too much background tasks. Remove them using the normal procedure (close the icons in the taskbars) Or use task manager (in process tab, you can close everything that is not explorer.exe, microsoft in description and your graphic card driver)

    Or use msconfig.exe and uncheck alot of unnessary programs in the startup tab

    2 - There's an antivirus scanning. Stop the antivirus scan when you are using your programs but re-enable it IMMEDIATLY when you finished using. (second procedure (REALLY NOT RECOMMENDED) Disable live guard on your antivirus, some antivirus takes lots of cpu when its enabled, but WARNING, you may have more virus, bots, worms attacking your computer!

    3 - There's an virus that infected your programs. (explanation why it lag : if your program takes 10ms to respond and the virus takes 500ms to respond so your infected program will take 510ms to respond on 1 task!!!! So for drawing for example, it will take 40 tasks for 1 line=20sec!
    Run FULL scan (not quick) with an up-to-date antivirus and re-install your programs after the scan.
  3. I would run a full scan of malwarebytes. It sounds like you have some sort of malware to me.

    Have you had these performance problems the entire time you have had the laptop?
  4. Open task manager, go to processes, check to see which program is using most of the CPU, then end that process.
  5. hey guys i did all of the things all of you said but it's still lagging! my friend suspects that it might be a virus as well seeing that i didn't update my anti-virus due to university proxy blockage. but i've tried scanning my whole computer with an updated version and still nothing came up :S

    things i did:
    run ccleaner
    scan for virus
    scan for malware
    end unimportant processors
    removing background tasks
    removing unimportant startup programs
    running TuneUp registry cleaner

    everything is still lagging! i was thinking of reformatting my laptop but then i'm afraid that the problem might arise again after (and trust me, with me, it will!)... i need to find the problem to ensure that i fix it and avoid it happening again after reformatting!

    thanks for your replies! really taught and helped me :) but still... any other things you think might be of help?
  6. 1. What background tasks? Can you post a pic of your desktop? Did you uninstall all the cr@p that Dell,etc puts on (ie Trial McAfee,etc)? What AV are you running?

    2. What drivers? IIRC, there was a problem with a certain Catalyst driver (Cat 10.5? 10.7?, can't remember) and 2D tasks....

    3. CPU Temps? (Use RealTemp). Guide & DL:

    4. I use a i3 330M laptop. Autodesk Inventor runs fine with out lag (for most uncomplicated tasks) and I run Photoshop CS5 fine. You should definitely be able to run AutoCAD.

    PS: Don't use the Windows defrag. Grab Defraggler:
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