Newb: How difficult is it build your pc ?

Howdy howdy,
I'm trying to get back into at least being decently familiar with my computer after finally landing a job that will allow me to upgrade. I have been toying with the ideas of purchasing the dell XPS 9000 or an aurora model, but after reading here it seems that almost every agrees that building your own is the way to go.

After reading around, and being familiar enough with hardware to stumble my way through the basic installation of upgrades, I am led to my question.

How experienced should you be to put the pieces together (software, mobo installation, psu install, etc.) on a scale of 1 (being using a flash drive) to 10 (super-newegg-Gawd-of-all-things-electrical)?

Also, does anyone know of a good, decently up-to-date walk through's? (the ones from 2002 scare me! )

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  1. it's not that hard, i stated taking apart systems and putting them together using older computers no one cared about (i would say about 2-3 could build a computer on the scale you said)
    EDIT: now picking out great parts is something that you just need to study on by looking at components on reviewing sites and looking up to see if things are compatible

    and we have a good guide right here on Tom's compliments of Tecmo
    Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC
  2. I'll have to's honestly not that difficult. The hardest part is picking compatible parts, which isn't that bad, but once you have the parts in, you can take time and it's not bad.

    I'd say maybe a 3 or 4 at most...the more you know, it's certainly faster and easier, but you can do it with minimal skills...not clueless, but not a hardware genius either.
  3. I would give it a 4 on the difficulty scale as long as you are able to read. It does take any experience before hand, if you follow a guide like the one by tecmo that mindless linked to you shouldnt have any problems, and if you do and post them here we can help you through them.
  4. Thank ya kindly for the replies.

    I was talking about it with an older co-worker today and he mentioned that he (so he says) had done it several years ago and that it was really difficult to seat the motherboard and that he had to use some gel or something and also said he had a heck of a time installing the psu and software... so he got me a bit nervous :p
  5. No... as everyone has stated, it isn't as difficult to build as one thinks.

    You follow my guide (or others of your liking), the information in the motherboard manuyal and you should be good to go. Take your time through the process and you shouldn't have issues. If you do, read through this thread for great troubleshooting tips!!
  6. Haha, it's not too hard. I built my first one in half an hour. Plus two hours figuring out why it wouldn't turn on xD The CPU uses electricity supposedly :sarcastic:
  7. I just did my first build a few months back, and these guys are saying all the right things. I had a bit of trouble seating the heat sink to the mother board - at least one thing will probably be frustrating, or require an extra trip to the store. If you are patient and persistent, though, it is really a rewarding experience!

    Oh, the gel your coworker was talking about is most likely thermal paste that goes between the CPU and Heatsink. You can watch a video of it here. Yes, he used too much compound!
  8. w0flATTACK - hah! I've had that problem once...I had everything plugged in (or so I thought), pressed the button to power it up, and....nothing....

    I looked back in the case - completely forgot the power for the CPU. Plugged that in and we were good to go.
  9. huron said:
    w0flATTACK - hah! I've had that problem once...I had everything plugged in (or so I thought), pressed the button to power it up, and....nothing....

    I looked back in the case - completely forgot the power for the CPU. Plugged that in and we were good to go.

    lmao, I had never been more scared in my life. "Agh! My parts are incompatible! I'm stupid! I must have fried something! It's incompatible!" *cries for two hours* "OH..." lol

    Never again will I forget to plug that one in. <----Scarred for life, lol.
  10. I totally agree...I never miss that connector again. I was 99% sure everything was OK, but I had that terrible feeling that I was going to have to try to trace down which part and RMA it.
  11. Hardest parts to building computer:

    1. Fitting Heatsink to CPU (This is much easier if it is a custom Heatsink which screws in rather than pushes in)

    2. Connecting the case wires to the motherboard. They are small and the parts they connect to are small and may be a little confusing for first timers. However, follow the Motherboard manual and it shuold be pretty clear.

    3. Connecting the PSU wires to each part. To be honest. While this is difficulty number 3, it is pretty straight forward - it is pretty obvious where each connector fits. It really only makes it on the list because if you were to slot the wrongs things in (if it is even possilble without forcing parts together that shouldn't be together) it could damage parts.

    The hardest part is selecting components, but research and asking for advice here will cover that for you easily enough.

    On the scale you mentioned, a 3 can do it in good time, a 2 could manage well enough if he makes sure he pays attention and reads the manual for the parts and motherboard.

    In fact, the worst part of building your own is actually AFTER you build it and the fear that it may not turn on and you have to troubleshoot. But even then, the money you saved building it yourself if you could not find out what the issue is, you could afford to pay to have an expert find out
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