I broke my motherboard...

Hey guys, so I was installing all my stuff from my stock HP computer to my new NZXT Phantom case, but to my surprise, the thing won't boot up. I tried to identify the problem with switching power supplies, which was not the issue, and also tried out diffrent power jumpers, ( I used the HP power jumper), and obviously my new case jumpers, which failed.

But now, when I plug in everything, the motherboard LED light turns green, so I assume it kinda works but not really ?

The PC was a HP P6520Y with a GTX 580 graphcis card and 700W coolmax Power Supply.

I guess I can replace the mini ATX stock HP motherboard, but prefer not to due to money issues.

Anyone have a suggestions, or is my mobo dead somehow ?

I never really had a problem until now. The issue I'm having is my motherboard which worked a couple hours ago, now doesn't, despite the green light on the motherboard itself.

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  1. did u ensure it was installed correctly? I'm assuming it worked before changing cases...so, if it isnt working correctly in the case it's possible that its shorting out...check connections..and check to make sure the motherboard is on the standoffs and it is securely placed in the case..hopefully the board still works
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