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hey guys,just got hd5770 1gb need your advice for psu.Should not be above 50$,please help
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  1. Any 450 Watt PSU will work fine. Make sure it has two rails at over 15A each or one rail of 21A.
  2. how about CM 460w extreme power
  3. and please also tell about zebronics 500w platinum
  4. so which is the best
  5. Probably platinum. But that CM460W will work just fine. Like I said, the HD5770 uses less than 90 watts of power, and it will run just fine off of any 400+W.
  6. hey guys installed 5770....first had problems during win xp but after installing win 7 it runs great
  7. and also got zeb 500w platinum........thanx everyone for ur help
  8. and one another thing guys how should i check fps during gaming.......please reply
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