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new to this forum so i was hoping for some help. I am about to upgrade my rig from an old due dore e6750 2.8 to something more in touch with todays gaming demands. I have around £290 to budget with and like i say i want a cpu that is mainly for gaming. I have a reasonible graphics card although the games i mainly play are map based strategy games like the total war series and the upcomeing civ 5( my main reason for doing this)

According to "can you run it" i am below min cpu settings. I have norrowed my choice to two options. 1 is here the
CCL Excel Allure Motherboard Bundle


which is well thought of, although some of the mags say it is not too strong a cpu for cheap gaming. The other i have fouind is a simular priced bundle from another supplier of a overclocked bundle

argon Extreme Intel Core i3 2.93GHz @ 4.20GHz Overclocked Bundle

now im really out of touch with modern cpu's (i used to build machines back in the day of pentuin 1, 2 , 3 's etc this current generation is a bit overwhelming when it comes to choice.) What do you guys suggest?
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  1. If you want a cheap upgrade, try finding a used q6600 if your board will run it. There are still some available. They overclock well on non oem boards. Spend the rest on a video card or power supply upgrade. The i3 overclocked is pretty fast, but doesn't have enough cache to run some games at optimal settings. My 530 is great for surfing the net, but not gaming at the highest resolutions.
  2. thank you o1die, is the i3 worth picking over the AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz?
  3. No, not if gaming is your primary usage. But I wouldn't spend over $200 on the six core amd cpus. They are coming down in price slowly. The 955 phenom II quad core is actually pretty good. If you're on a budget, then list your current video card and ps specs before making your final decision. You may need to upgrade them rather than spending most of your $$ on one cpu.
  4. i have a radion 4870 and a 500w psu. My motherboard is useless it is maxed out for my current e6750 due core. I went to the following web page for cpu guidence. As you can see the 1055t looks good on paper. (4th from top )

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