Is this page file okay for Windows 7??

Hi. I made a page file of 12GB 'it's default' on a HDD i had no use for on the extra space because it was taking up 12GB of space on my SSD. I set it to use 1024MB '1GB' on my SSD but also set the default on my HDD that is the default on the Windows HDD\SSD. Is 1024MB good fro a SSD that has Windows on it?
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  1. 1024MB is not really much, you should spend a little more space on the SSD, due to the much better performance form the SSD, compared to the hdd.
    Primary swap space should be ssd maybe 3-4GB, then the rest on the hdd.
  2. If you have a 12GB page file, that means you have 12GB of physical RAM. At that amount of RAM it is debatable whether the Page file is even useful.

    I would just set it as as small as it will go (think its half a GB) on the SSD, then make a 12GB file on the HDD. That way you still have the page file if you need it, but it isn't taking up precious SSD space.

    Or get rid of it entirely (still will have .5GB though). As I said before, there is some debate as to whether you even need it with 8+GB of RAM.
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