PCI, PCIe confusion - what graphics card will fit...


I'm confused about the physical differences between graphics cards and want to know what will fit in my new computer.

I've just bought a new computer (Compaq CQ5302UK Desktop PC: Intel Celeron Dual-Core, 3GB, 320GB, Windows 7 Home Premium) and found my old dual monitor graphcs card (Gigabyte GV-N59X128D) doesn't fit in the case with the motherboard.

After looking at the cheap & popular graphcis cards on Amazon, it appears that the cheapest ones fit in the PCI slot, however some of them have an extra bit for securing the card into the MoB and I'm unsure what will fit.

The MoB (H-I41-uATX (Eton)) has the following expansion slots:
* One PCI
* One PCI Express x16
* Two PCI Express x1

My budget is approx £30-45 and was considering the following graphics cards but don't know if they will fit:
* Asus Radeon HD 4350 Silent W/LP 512MB
* Asus Radeon HD 4350 Silent PCIE HDMI 1GB

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Since your motherboard has a PCI-E 16x slot,both of those cards will work fine in it
  2. One PCI Express x16 is your graphics card slot. These days that's pretty much all that's used for video cards. As Maziar stated, either of those cards should fit. The difference between them has to do with 512MB vs 1GB of video RAM. Honestly though, the capabilities of those cards are low enough that the 1GB version probably won't make much if any difference in over all performance. And if you were playing at high resolution (1680x1050 or higher) they wouldn't perform that well anyhow, and that's when you'd want the larger memory.

    Which ever is cheaper is probably going to be fine. :)

    Keep in mind that PCI and PCI-E are two totally different things though. :) PCI is an OLD expansion slot that has not been used for graphics cards for at least 10 years. PCI-E (PCI Express) is the current standard. (It went from PCI to AGP to PCI-E)
  3. Thanks Maziar and jerreece.

    I've also learnt why my old graphics card doesn't fit.... it slots into AGP which I don't have!

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