Best way to save files for transfer from XP tp W7?

Hello, I have an old laptop (bought used) with XP that I'm pretty sure is about to die. It's been having a lot of issues the latest of which was a "hard drive read failure" when I turned it on. I have plans to buy a new laptop but don't have the money yet. I need to back up my files so they can be easily transferred from XP to a new computer with W7. I have a few hundred photos and about 5000 songs, so any suggestions on how much storage I need would be great too :) Thanks!
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  1. Is that the only computer that you have?
    If you have another one, just copy everything you need via network and keep it there until you buy your new laptop.

    If it is the only computer that you own, I can only think of either buying an external hard drive and backing everything up on that, or you can buy a large usb stick and copy everything to it. Last thing would be burning everything on DVD's but this won't be so fun to do with such a large song collection.
  2. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Go to My Documents, and right click for the context menu, choose Properties. If My Music is a separate folder in your Win-XP, do the same thing for that folder. That will tell you the size of all the files in that folder, and how big a storage area you will need to temporarily store them.

    If it's less than 4 GB, then a DVD would hold them all, and that only costs the DVD. Slow but inexpensive!
    The better way, as mentioned, would be to buy a 16GB, or 32GB USB Flash Drive, and copy them to it. $15-$30.

    Good time to go thru all you documents and clean out the ones you don't need anymore, or duplicates
    When your HDD reports read errors, it is time to back up your important files before it just suddenly dies, and you don't have the opportunity anymore.

    You could also run Chkdsk /f /r C: (if C: is the drive causing errors) which will check all the sectors on the drive, move any data at risk to a new location, and mark bad or questionable sectors so they are not used.
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