I m unable to open a website from my pc but able to open other websites

i m using bsnl gprs from last 3 dy i m unable to open my website i hv done some changes DNS system but only website on a particular ip not opening ..
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  1. try with Google DNS
  2. i alredy tried all dns
    chk all the chnages with dns and also chk my hosts file
    but not able to open
    i m able to open all the websites on this ip from my mobile but not from my pc..
  3. ip might be belongs to US company
    SoftLayer Technologies Inc. in texas..

    what 's the ip settings you have now in your pc..
  4. u r right manojgj this is US server where i host my websites.. this server hv more than 8000 websites hosted on it and no one site open from my pc (only from my pc). sites r like hostingwebdesigns.com, 7cstechnologies.com, ayurlifestyle.com etc..
    also server is not down becoz anyone canopen these websites from other pc but why not from my own pc........
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