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I am new to Windows Server 2008 so I have setup a small practice network to practice it. I am currently practicing using this as a domain controller. Thus I have it running the role of Active Directory Domain Services. For now in order to keep the server simple I have left DHCP and DNS functionality to a SOHO router. The server is setup with a static IP address and default gateway and dns server pointing toward the router. I also have a desktop relying on DHCP. The problem I am running into is that I can't get the desktop to join a domain I've created. It gives an error message that the domain could not be contacted with a more specific error "DNS name does not exist". Do I have to somehow register my domain name within the router so workstations can find it? The server and desktop can ping each other just fine so I should have the network setup, I'm just assuming I am missing something small.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Where's the DNS for your domain? Is the SOHO router an AD compatible DNS?
  2. It has an option for adding the domain to it but that didn't help. Would it help to turn off the dhcp functionality on the router and let the server handle both dns and dhcp?
  3. -Make sure Windows Firewall is disabled on both of the systems
    -You should have installed DNS when You installed active directory with dcpromo, having DNS is required for the clients to see the DC
    -Make sure that the router you are using has a static IP address set for the server in the configuration settings
    -I disabled IPv6 too
  4. If I put dns back on the server, should the client computers be set to use the dc as their dns server or the router
  5. -Clients should be pointed to your server for preferred DNS
    -Your server should be pointed to itself for preferred and your external ISP's DNS server for alternate
    -Your router could be your default gateway but you should not need to specify that in order for it to work
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