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I'm always hooking up my external WD HDD to back up files on my new Windows 7 machine and it uses USB 3.0. It's sort of a pain to have to go to the back of the machine to hook it up all the time and I wanted to get one of those front USB 3.0 trays like they sell on Newegg.

The thing about those though is that they have a long cable that you run to the back USB 3.0 hook-up, but my board has a connector ON the mobo in front for USB 3.0 although it's obviously NOT a usb connection (where you'd plug a usb cable in) on the motherboard.

So, what I'm wondering is: First, what type of connector is that "usb 3.0" pin type connector (it's blue) on the front of my mobo and what does it connect to (what type of hardware)? Am I correct in that it WON'T connect to these tray-type USB 3.0 things like I mentioned above?

I basically want usb 3.0 in the front of my case WITHOUT having to run a cable to the back usb ports, is this possible? If not, then what is the "front usb 3.0" connector on my mobo used for?

Thanks :)
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  2. Does your motherboard come with a PCI card with USB 3.0 ports on it? That should have a cable that connects to the USB 3.0 connector on the motherboard.

    Instead of having a cable run from the front panels, out the back of the case, then into this PCI card which connects to the motherboard, there is an alternative. Take the PCI bracket off the USB ports, and thread the connector end from behind the front panel through to the motherboard and plug it in. Pull the cable from the front panel back through the case to behind the front panel and plug it into one of the USB ports connected to the motherboard. Now you aren't using up PCI slots and don't have cables running through your case. Just tuck the cables neatly behind the front panel.
  3. jockey said:
    Cooler Master has them for a front bay install.

    Thanks Jockey! That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for, might as well make use of the connector on the motherboard. Just wondering why they always make them with only 2 ports; it'd be nice if they had at least 4.

    ONLY ON THING! Will it work with my Antec case or is it just for HAF cases??

    Thanks :)
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