Lagging in my External Hard Drive

hi. i have been having an extreme lagging in my external hard drive: Toshiba stor.e art 3 1tb. any root i access will lag, any file, any attempt to open anything in it will cause lagging the drive along with the pc. tried defragment it but it took a day to reach 50% so i canceled it. checked for dead sectors and unchecked indexing service and cleaned it by using disk cleanup.

since i'm using it to store media, i need it to be lag free. otherwise i won't be able to watch videos on it normally.
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  1. I suggest you test the drive as it may be developing irrepairable faults.
    You'll need to test it with Windows-based diagnostic software since it's connected to a USB port. Toshiba do supply Windows-based diagnostic software but, rather oddly, it doesn't support USB. However, you can use "SeaTools For Windows" instead, this can can be used to test any make of hard drive:

    If your drive fails the test, all is not necessarily lost. With most external drives it's the adapter board inside the enclosure which fails first. The fix for that is to extract the drive, disconnect the adapter board, and put the drive into a third-party drive enclosure.
  2. thanks for replaying. i tested it in short and long generic and it passed.
    does that mean its a software issue? i usually use it on my desktop pc, so i tested it in my laptop and there weren't any lagging. from that i understand my desktop is the problem. is there a way to find out what cause it and fix it?
  3. found that the heat was the cause. killed the cause and everything back to normal.
    thanks phil22 for your attempt to help. the goal of the thread is fulfilled. so close it, delete it, whatever. thanks for the chance.
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