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Heya guys i have recently build a monster AMD gaming machine with ATI HD 5970 on Crossfire. my old LCD just is screaming to not use the monster on it. Its a Benq FP567s. So now i want a new LCD monitor i have gone through CNETs top lcds bu the problem is that all those LCDS are not available in Pakistan. I decided to buy the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 from Dubai where i was yesterday but its not available even there WTF??? So now my options are the Dell ST 2410 from Pakistan because thats the best LCD from Dell here for this price tag. others are above 1000$ or the Samsung P2270 which is pretty much fo the same price.
Should i buy one from these two LCDs? Or my other option is that I can ask my sister in USA to bring a LCD from the USA. Remember that if i import the LCD from USA, warranties will not be applicable in Pakistan. What should i do guys? My friends recommended me to buy from Pakistan because if something goes wrong i can still get it repaired in the warranty.
Are the LCDs that i have mentioned Dell ST2410 and P2270's result good?
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  1. Oh sorry i have just found out that the Samsung P2270 does not have a HDMI port so i wont be able to use my Xbox 360 with it. So should i go for the Dell ST2410? Is the perfomance great?
  2. About where do you want to buy, i guess your friend is right, buy it in Pakistan so if there's something's wrong you could repair it.

    HD5970 on CrossFire? You must get 6 Monitors for that system, it would be a waste if you are just use 3 monitors...

    So, how much monitors do you want to buy? what size?
    Just list here all of the options in Pakistan including their links, so we could make suggestions... :)
  3. wa1 is right, you want to run multiple high end monitors. I dont have any particular brands in mind but go with something that is 25.5in or above.
  4. Here are the links for the available LCDs from the biggest stores of computer LCDs in Pakistan please go through them and suggest.
    the lcds section is available on the left hand corners on both the links. please go through and help. sorry for any problem guys :)
    If any LCD is not available here it woulld be very difficult for it to be available at any other store in Pakistan.
    I want two 24" LCDs that would really shine both for gaming on the HD 5970 and the Xbox 360 through HDMI which i use to play exclusives like HALO. My price range which according to the above mentioned links is Rs. 20000 to 25000 approximately 300 to 350$. Please Help
  5. and yeah for now im just buying 2 LCDs. Afterwards i will buy more. The monster PC and these two LCDs have been very heavy on my wallet.
  6. Your options are very limited... :(
    Acer, Dell and ViewSonic are brands that sell 24" monitor...

    and about your budget, Rs. 25000 is only for 1 monitor?
    then you could only buy 1x 24" monitor...

    Well, i guess your best bet is Dell ST2410 24" monitor...
  7. no 25000 is per monitor budget anyways i am being forced to buy the Dell ST2410. Guess i cannot harness the true power of ATI 5970 :(
  8. oh thanx alot mosox for the help but a 32" inch display for PC is way too much. I mean the size of the screen. I am going out to buy the ST2410 on Monday for sure, 24" is more than enough to satisfy all my needs. Thanks again for the help guys!!!
  9. 6x 24" monitors would be excellent for your monster PC...
    Well, happy gaming... :D
  10. I have 3 24" on my crossfire 5970's and they go alright...but I want 6!!! Might have to order up this week ;-)
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