Configure VPN on WRVS4400N router

how do i configure VPN on Linksys WRVS4400N ? What is IPSEC?
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  1. I presume that you probably won't read replies to your post, but just in case you do, may I suggest that you Google "IPSEC"?
  2. thank you for the response . But i figured it out later that the problem was not with IPSEC. I did configured it right. But what happened was that when i try to log in to the remote site the quick VPN was showing me that i get connected but can't see or access anything on the remote side. And the reason which i finally was able to figuer out was ... the the local ip on both sides was in the same group. Both networks had
    ip 192.168.1.X.
    Thank you for the response anywayz.
  3. I usually avoid using 192.168.x.x. I instead use 10.x.x.x networks.
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