Worth replacing my 8800gt 512 with a gts250 1024?

My friend is offering to give me or my buddy his old gts250 1024 Zotac

wondering with my rig and resolution i play at if its worth taking it over my other friend.

I have an E6420
2gigs of ram
win xp
native res of 1650x1050
P5BW-LA mobo
my mobo is only pcie 1.0 but my 8800gt works fine it.

will i see a performance different all? Cause as it stands in most games i have to turn down alot of the fx settings. If u think i wouldnt see a big diff then i would rather my friend take it.
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  1. You will see a difference but its not anything huge.
  2. Agreed. The GTS 250 is basically comparable to the 8800GTS 512MB. Which was a little faster than the 8800GT that you have. However, we're not talking earth shattering by any means.

    Depending on what video card your buddy has, it might be a better upgrade for him. :)
  3. Yes, GTS250 is a little bit faster than 8800GT, it's a new tech, less heat, so if your friend want to give you then grab it... :)
  4. Free upgrades are always nice upgrades!
  5. Well the OP didn't mention its free but if its,then why not :D a little more performance without paying anything is always great
  6. get the gts 250 and give your 8800 gt to the other friend
  7. Give me your 8800 gt model.
  8. better replace your cpu with something with more cores and with bigger clock. I'm not saying i7 but pII 955 would do for you and then in the future think about gpu upgrade.
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