Any help here much appreciated!

My HP desktop is stuck on blue screen. There is writing at the bottom, boot, system recovery etc. but no keyboard functions do anything. Was told power supply so i replaced that and still nothing. Computer is completely non responsive. Tried a different keyboard and mouse as well, still unsucessful.
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  1. When I power it up, goes straight to the blue HP screen. Running windows xp. I tried recovery disk, it doesnt do anything, no prompts of any kind. The keyboard buttons do nothing. Will not enter safe mode....HP Pavillion
  2. So the blue screen you see has a big HP logo in the middle?

    The keyboards you tried to use, were they USB or PS2? If both the ones you tried were USB find an older PS2 keyboard and see if that will work, it might be failing a keyboard check and waiting to see one.
  3. The keyboard i normally use on it is USB. I tried a PS2 off another computer...the keyboard lights would come on then right back off.. neither one would do anything.
  4. Im not sure, but I think it could be your power supply. It sounds odd I know. But this happened to a Dell of mine years ago. It would boot and then immidiately blue screen. Its something to do with the motherboard not recieving sufficient power.
    Have you installed anything new at all recently, and how old is your pc?
    Try taking everything un necessary out e.g. usb devices, cd drives, pci cards that are un needed. So it is at just enough to run and then see what happens.
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