Western digital 300 gb not detected on desktop,loptop

my western digital external hdd is not working anymore..,when i plugged onto my computer it doesnt detected anymore,,i tried to see in the disk management but it wasnt there...,its just not being detected anymore..,last night it was fully working when i connect on my tv monitor and it was working and now i tried to connect but it wasnt detected,.can someone help me please
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  1. Hi Miko,

    Please give us the make and model of your desktop computer, and the make and model of the external HDD. Is it connected by USB 2 port? And can it be connected by an eSATA or firewire port as alternative choices?

    Turn everything off. If you have a different cable, try it. Also try a different USB port on your computer. Plug the external drive into your computer, and turn on the external HDD so it is running.

    Then turn on your computer and let it boot up.

    First go to Device manager, and see if it is listed as a removable device, or a drive.
    Then recheck in Disk Management and see if it is shown in the lower graphical area.

    Also, did it make any unusual noises last couple of days, or did you accidently drop it, or connect it to a different computer running a different operating system.

    Let us know what you find.
  2. Hi sir john,

    well i allready tried your solution, but it still cant detected..,i tried on win.xp 32 bit,win.732 bit..but still no luck of getting my files on this hard drive.,,as i said i connected my external hdd on my television to watch movie.,,i think it was drive c before.., now when i connected to my pc it wont appear now, the external hdd is working with blue led lights its just the computer wont detect it.,,
  3. Hi Miko,

    Is this an ext drive you put together, or that you can open, take out, and connect directly to your desktop computer by a SATA connection? That would exclude the pcb & chip & connector as the cause of the problem

    Also, are there any important files on the ext drive, or just movies and videos?
  4. ahmm i think this external hdd doesnt have any sata or ide...its only a usb cord that can fit on it to connect to my desktop..,there are some files that is very important to me..like documents,installers etc...
  5. First, try a different USB cord, and connect it into a different port on your desktop.

    If no success, then you will need to take it out of the case, and connect it (almost certainly a SATA drive) to a SATA port and SATA power cable on your desktop. If that makes you uncomfortable, take it down to a computer repair store.

    The problem is, if your computer won't recognize it, there is no software that can recover the data because it can't see it.
    The only other very expensive option then is to send it to a specialized data recovery company for data extraction.
  6. oww ok sir thanks for your advise..heres the example of my external hdd http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?modelno=WD3200MSBK-00&x=5&y=1
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