A newbie question. I just started using Dataram and created a 2 Gb Ramdisk and just wanted to ask in your settings, do you have to check the box to "Load disk image at Startup (C:\Ramdisk.img) and Save Disk Image on shutdown(C:\Ramdisk.img) " ?
When I check my local drive: C , I have two huge files (Ramdisk and Ramdisk.img.bak) which are 2 gb each.
Thanks so much in advance.
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  1. did you get this figured out?
    I just found out about ramdisk although i am using different brand product
  2. DRAM is volatile storage. When the computer is powered down the RAM is emptied because it needs constant power to hold its data. I've never used Dataram but you probably need to check that box because the RAM needs to have its data reloaded every time you power the computer up.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that ramdisk speeds are more dependant on cpu then on ram speeds?
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