SSD Lost Performance after Reformat

Hey everyone,
I recently built a new gaming pc and got my first ssd. I got an ADATA Premier Pro SP900 and I ended up installing 32-bit windows instead of 64. Before that I really didn't do anything at all like install games or what not just drivers. I did my Windows Experience Index and it was a 7.8 for my hard drive.

I decided to reformat and put 64-bit on instead and put the drivers on and ran my Windows Experience Test and its only a 7.5 now. I am not too sure what to think, weather I should be concerned or not because it was a .3 drop and I didn't change a thing.

I assume that this might not be the best way to test my performance 100% accurately so does anyone suggest a simple tool to see what my speeds are and what I should expect?

My setup:
i7 3770k
Mobo - ASUS P8H77-V
Radeon HD 7950
ADATA 256GB Premier Pro SP900

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  1. Do the secure erase instead of the reformat, you can recover performance. Google the software to be use.
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