Best Gaming Video Card under 100$ ?


I need to update my video card.

My current Video Card : Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2
I want to play 2010 games at High-Medium setting (Resolution@1440x900)

so can anyone help :p !

My System Spec

CPU/Processor > Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20GHz
Video Card > GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2
RAM > 2 gb DDR2
Hard Drive > 360 GB
OS > Windows 7 x64-Bit
Power Supply > Total output 350 Watts
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  1. No one is going to help you if your spamming, this is the 5th thread you have started within the hour
    Calm down, do some reading and wait patiently if you want spoon fed information.
  2. Can my Power supply hundle the XFX Radeon HD 5670 512MB DDR5 without any problem
    or hardware risk ?
  3. It should work fine people here have installed them on 300watt psu's
  4. Thx rolli59 =p you info was very helpful
    Have a nice day :)
  5. Power Supply Model No: FSP350-60HLC , 350W / ATX12V 2.0 / 220 - 240V / Active cooling

    Ask if you need any other info =)
  6. Just one last question

    CPU/Processor > Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20GHz
    Video Card > XFX ATI HD 4770 512mb GDDR5
    RAM > 2 gb DDR2
    Hard Drive > 360 GB
    OS > Windows 7 64-Bit

    Can my PC run 2010 games (Assassins Creed II , Splinter Cell:Conviction , BLUR , Alpha Protocol , Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City , Just Cause 2 , Metro 2033 , Battlefield bad company 2 ...)
    at high-medium setting (Resolution@1440x900) ?
  7. Looks to be a dual +12 volt rail 10amp and 15amp. Good quality unit
  8. Thx again rolli59 ur awsome =p
    But My Pc with the new Spec can run the lastest game at High-med setting with Resolution @ 1440x900 ?
    If not , What part of my computer should be upgraded for performance?
    CPU? RAM?

    I hope you will answer this question
  9. With your CPU and HD4770 you should be able to run most games on med to high at that res. Exceptions would be games like Crysis, Metro 2033 and Battlefield BC 2 which are resource heavy and demand the best in hardware to run at good fps with high details, you will be able to play them though at reduced settings.
    A 2.2Ghz dual core is getting to be low end for new games these days so a total upgrade in the future would not be far of.
    Your ram is on the low end for a 64bit OS 4 GB would be recommended.
  10. wish cpu should i buy to improve my system performance under 100$?
    and to improve Fps in games?
    I have an Intel Chipset
    I think the Athlon II X3 440 Tri-core 3.0GHz look pretty cool for the money and performance !
  11. I have a problem with overcloking ! :'(
    when i try to overclock my cpu from the bios i see just tow option with enable/disable
    i think my motherboard isn't me overclockable ?
    Motherboard >> Fujitsu simens G31T-M2
    So is there any BEST Gaming intel cpu i can buy wish under 100$ ! i really want to play game at high setting or med
    Thx for Reply :)
  12. Thx alot :) !
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